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NABA's Program for Butterfly Gardens & Habitats has produced regional butterfly gardening brochures. Each one focuses on a particular region of North America and includes such information as top butterfly nectar flowers, nectar flowers that don't work in this region, top caterpillar food plants, common butterflies for your garden & yard, local & unusual butterflies for your garden & yard, and general comments about gardening in this region. NABA greatly appreciates the volunteer contributions of the local experts who wrote these brochures, with editing and layout by Ann Swengel, coordinator for NABA's Program for Butterfly Gardens & Habitats.

These regional brochures are meant for use with the set of introductory butterfly gardening brochures. These introductory brochures explain the concepts and techniques of butterfly gardening applicable throughout the U.S. and southern Canada. These information-packed brochures include Straight Talk about Butterfly Biology, Basics of Butterfly Gardening, Flowers for the Butterfly Garden (including garden hints and sources), and Familiar Butterflies of North America.

All brochures produced by NABA's Program for Butterfly Gardens & Habitats are copyrighted by the North American Butterfly Association, Inc., with all rights reserved. But users are welcome to copy them for distribution for educational, non-commercial purposes. Ordering information is given below. Please note that all the information is also available for free by downloading the PDF files from the web site by clicking on the appropriate links below.



City:_________________________________________ State:_________ Zip:____________

Set of introductory butterfly gardening brochures (price $4.00)
___ (Straight Talk about Butterfly Biology(PDF available), Basics of Butterfly Gardening(PDF available), Flowers for the Butterfly Garden(PDF available), Familiar Butterflies of North America(PDF available))

Regional butterfly gardening brochures (price $5.00 each) (PDF files available also, please see below)

___ Western Washington (PDF available)
___ Southwest Oregon (PDF available)
___ Bay Area (California) (PDF available)
___ Malibu/Santa Monica Mountains (California) (PDF available)
___ Santa Barbara Foothills (California) (PDF available)
___ Los Angeles Basin Coastal Strip(California) (PDF available)
___ West Los Angeles (California) (PDF available)
___ Central Arizona Highlands (Prescott) (PDF available)
___ Southeastern Arizona (PDF available)
___ Midland County (West Texas) (PDF available)
___ North Central Texas (Dallas-Forth Worth area) (PDF available, updated 1999)
___ Greater Kansas City (Kansas-Missouri) (PDF available)
___ Eastern Kansas/Western Missouri (PDF available)
___ Central Gulf Coast Area of Texas (PDF available)
___ Twin Cities (Minnesota) (PDF available)
___ Southern Louisiana (PDF available)
___ West Central Wisconsin (PDF available)
___ Southwestern Wisconsin (PDF available)
___ West Central Illinois (PDF available)
___ West Central Indiana (Terre Haute area) (PDF available)
___ Southwest Michigan (PDF available)
___ South Central Michigan (PDF available)
___ Southeast Michigan (Detroit) (PDF available)
___ Central Ohio (PDF available)
___ Southwestern Ontario (PDF available)
___ Central Tennessee Basin (PDF available)
___ Northwest Florida Panhandle (PDF available)
___ North Central Florida (PDF available)
___ West Central Florida (Bradenton area) (PDF available)
___ Tampa-St. Petersburg Area (West Coastal Florida) (PDF available)
___ Sarasota Area (Southwestern Florida) (PDF available)
___ Naples Area (Southwestern Florida) (PDF available)
___ Palm Beach County (Southeastern Florida) (PDF available)
___ Southeast Florida (Jensen Beach Area) (PDF available)
___ South Central Virginia (Powhatan Co.) (PDF available)
___ Central Virginia (PDF available)
___ Piedmont (Central Maryland) (PDF available)
___ Southeastern Pennsylvania (PDF available)
___ Upstate New York (PDF available)
___ New York City Area (PDF available)
___ Eastern Massachusetts (PDF available)
___ Southern Half of Maine (PDF available)

___ One each of introductory brochures & one regional brochure (specify) (price $7.50)

___ Straight Talk about Butterfly Population Biology (PDF available)  (explains how butterfly populations operate in nature, to be applied to maintaining butterflies in our habitats, no matter how humble, more effectively) (price $4.00)

___ Managing for Butterflies in Prairie: Or, what do I do now, that I want to manage for butterflies?(PDF available) (explains how to manage prairie to achieve its greatest potential in butterflies)  (price $4.00)

New Butterfly Habitat Conservation Series!

___ 1. Straight Talk about Butterfly Habitat Management (PDF available) (what matters to butterflies in habitat management?) (price $3.00)

___ 2. Butterflies & Ecosystem Management (PDF available) (how do butterflies fit into ecosystem management?) (price $3.00)

___ 3. Successful Butterfly Conservation Management (PDF available) (examples of butterfly species successfully conserved) (price $3.00)

One copy each of conservation brochures 1 and 2 (price $5.00)

One copy each of conservation brochures 1, 2, and 3 (price $7.50)

Make payment to "NABA" in U.S. dollars and send to:

Butterfly Gardens & Habitats
909 Birch St.
Baraboo, WI 53913 USA

Portable Document Format (PDF) files may be viewed and printed by any program that can open and print PDF files. Adobe's Acrobat Reader is recommended and is available free from the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software page. You will need to download and install the Acrobat Reader software on your computer.


Reader's Comments:

Just a note to say "Thank-you" for the information I got from your site on planting a butterfly garden. I bought the plants you recommended and now have dozens of beautiful butterflies fluttering around my back yard every day for weeks now.
Bill LaRue

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