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Help us maintain the gardens at the National Butterfly Center

The gardens at the National Butterfly Center are a magnet for, and home to, literally thousands of butterflies from hundreds of species. We have created these spectacular gardens using plants native to south Texas and northern Mexico. In fact, we believe that the gardens at the National Butterfly Center are the largest gardens in the United States that showcase regionally native plants in a formal garden arrangement.

Since planting these demonstration gardens, almost 200 kinds of butterflies have been seen at the National Butterfly Center, and many thousands of adults and school children have come to the Center to see and learn about native butterflies.

Maintaining these gardens requires a tremendous amount of work, such as weeding, pruning and watering. For this we need your assistance. You can help us maintain the gardens by adopting a particular bed for a one year or five year period. You can become a sponsor through a donation of the amount indicated for that particular bed (see link below for a garden map and bed names).

In return for your support, we will place an attractive sign in the bed you are sponsoring that says, “This bed sponsored by the generosity of _________,” or “This bed sponsored in honor of __________,” or “This bed sponsored in memory of ___________.”

National Butterfly Center Plant Beds Map-Small
A map with a layout of the gardens along with a legend of the plant beds may be downloaded by clicking on the image to the left.

Your naming sponsorship and donation can be done in one of two ways:


A) Click on the "Donate" button on the left side of this page.

B) Under Your Donation, fill in the Gift Amount with the amount shown on the Plant Bed list for the bed & number of years that you want to sponsor, and under Gift Frequency select “One-time donation".

C) Under Gift Designation, click on the option button next to "Please direct my gift to a specific program" and select "National Butterfly Center - (Number of plant bed and period of time)" for the bed number and time period you want.

D) Fill out the remainder of the form.


You many also send a check to NABA, 4 Delaware Road, Morristown, NJ 07960 indicating the number of the bed, years of sponsorship and exactly how you would like the sign to read.