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The overall focus of this discussion group is to provide a forum for NABA members to discuss butterflies and related topics. These guidelines are meant to clarify what is expected for this discussion list. These guidelines may change over time. If there is a change in the guidelines, a notication will be posted to the group. However, subscibers should check these guidelines every so often to refresh ther memories.

All subscribers are expected to treat others in a respectful manner. It is the desire that NABA-CHAT be a forum where NABA members will feel a sense of community and where they can post messages without risking humiliation or personal attacks. Messages posted to this discussion group should not be forwarded to others without the express permission of the person or persons posting the message(s).

If a subscriber violates the spirit of these guidelines, that subscriber may be contacted by the NABA-CHAT listowner. If a subscriber posts an inappropriate message after being contacted by the listowner, his or her subscription to the list may be terminated.


If a topic is new, please include a brief, informative title but please don’t use generic subject lines such as “Help”, “Need Info”, “Request”, etc. Also do not leave the subject line blank. When you wish to initiate a new discussion or request, do not use the "reply" feature of your e-mail program; instead, start a new message with an appropriate subject line. Please also include your city and state/province so that others can place your question or response in context. The use of a brief signature text file may make this easier.

Please do not send attachments, especially photographic images to NABA-CHAT since many subscribers will have trouble handling large files. If you have an image that you wish to share with other subscribers, please upload the image to a web server and provide a link or send the file to for uploading to the main NABA web site.

While NABA-CHAT is meant for the international community of NABA members, the discussions should be in English for the widest possible audience. Butterfly species should be referred to by their NABA English Names (see


Suitable topics include where to find a specific species of butterfly, butterfly identification including new field marks, butterfly photography, and butterfly gardening. Unacceptable topics are chain letters, virus alerts, etc.

In most cases, questions about butterfly taxonomy are not appropriate for this forum. NABA has an official checklist of North American butterflies. The NABA Names Committee, evaluates all published information relating to butterfly taxonomy and makes changes to this checklist when the Committee believes it is warranted to do so. As with the checklist prepared by the American Ornithological Union, not everyone agrees. For those who would like to argue the merits of various nomenclatural systems, there are many alternative venues for such discussion. However, requesting information from fellow NABA members is appropriate. For example, one could reasonably ask people to help delimit the ranges of yellow-patched and dark populations of Common Wood-Nymphs.

Copyrighted material should not be sent to the list without the permission of the copyright holder. A more appropriate method to reference copyrighted material is to post a brief message to the list, giving the topic and web address of the material.

The offering or promoting of goods or services is considered to be advertising. Advertising on NABA-CHAT is not permitted except that nonprofit organizations that permit NABA the same privilege may provide information about events they are participating in or new products they have produced. This information should be in the form of a single sentence with a link or e-mail address where further information can be found. Comparisons or reviews of products or services by NABA-CHAT subscribers who have no financial or personal stake in the products or services are not considered advertising.

If a NABA-CHAT subscriber is in doubt about the appropriateness of a proposed posting, please contact the listowner. If the subscriber is in doubt about the suitability of a particular message that has already been posted, please do not post a public comment or question about the questionable posting but instead contact the listowner. The listowner may have already contacted the poster of the questionable message. In any event, the discussion of administrative matters, such as this, is not an appropriate topic for NABA-CHAT.

Straight listings of butterfly sightings or field trips may be more appropriate for posting on NABA's Recent Sightings page.


A climate of courtesy, tolerance and respect is strongly encouraged. Racist, sexist, abusive, profane, threatening or harassing comments will not be tolerated.

Please remember that while the discussion group is restricted to NABA members, it is still a public forum and that civility and respect should reign. Sometimes, discussions can get heated so remember to think first before firing off an ill-considered response that one may regret later. While subscribers learn from the questions and responses of others, there may be times when it may be more appropriate to respond to a particular post with a private e-mail.

DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS. Many readers consider capital letters as the equivalent of shouting online. The use of spacing or asterisks like * this * is another way to indicate emphasis.

Everyone makes mistakes. Perfect people are not allowed to subscribe to NABA-CHAT. If you send a message to the list by mistake, you do not need to send an apology to the whole list unless the message might be truly offensive or personal. Assume that others will delete the unintended message and overlook your error.


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