North American Butterfly Association

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Butterfly Count Program Preregistration Application

This application may be emailed (print copy for the filled out form first) to the NABA Count Program by clicking on the "Submit Form" button at the bottom of the form or by mailing a printed copy of the form along with a map of the count circle (described below) to NABA, 4 Delaware Rd., Morristown, NJ 07960. Please be sure to keep a copy of your information as you will be asked to enter it online along with your count results. All new counts must be submitted to NABA online at Please note that NABA strongly encourages all counts to eschew the use of nets and to instead identify and count butterflies using binoculars and cameras.

Name of Count: The name of a NABA Butterfly Count should be geographic in nature and should indicate the largest or most significant portion of the count circle. If the count circle falls within most of a county, then a county name is a good choice; if the count is on public land, use the name of the site (such as a national forest). When in doubt, consider using a name that designates a large publicly accessible area.

(in decimal degrees, e.g. 26.1765):

(in decimal degrees, e.g. -96.3660):

Count Center Description: Describe the count center in words, as exactly as possible, e.g., "at intersection of A St. and B Rd. in Town of C, D County".

Includes: Please enter any significant named areas in circle that will be counted, e.g., "X County Park, XX Wildlife Management Area, and XXX Preserve".

Habitats: Please enter habitats that will actually be covered on the count. For example, pine-oak forest, successional fields, sagebrush flats, subalpine meadows, salt marsh, etc.

Uses of Land: Please enter the uses of the land within the count circle that are actually counted. For example, cattle grazing, public recreations, town center, forestry, agriculture, private gardens.

Experience with Butterfly Identification: It is important that the compiler of a count be familiar with identification characteristics, flight periods, and ranges of butterflies in the count area, and how to use a field guide to determine these. Please briefly describe your relevant experience.

Projected Count Date(s): (count circle can be counted as many as 3 times per year: Spring, Summer, Fall)

Anticipated Number of Participants: Count MUST HAVE a MINIMUM of 4 participants and 6 party-hours.

Map of the Count Circle: Please include a good map (electronic or paper) with the entire count circle drawn on it. See for tips on how to generate a map electronically. You may send the electronic map to If sending a paper copy please mail it to NABA, 4 Delaware Rd., Morristown, NJ 07960.

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