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Two-barred Flasher (Astraptes fulgerator)

Texas Imago Photos

(larval nest on Kricogonia sp.) 

Galeana, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
May 18, 1979 (Frank R. Hedges)


(freeze dried larval nest on Kricogonia humboldtiana

Bentsen-RGV State Park, Mission, Hidalgo Co., TX
September 25, 1973 (Frank R. Hedges)


(larval nest on Kricogonia humboldtiana

Santa Ana NWR, Alamo, Hidalgo Co., TX
August 25, 1973 (Frank R. Hedges)

Confer with last-instar caterpillars of 10 species in the A. fulgerator complex from Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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