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Red-bordered Pixie (Melanis pixe)

Immature photos

Not recorded north of the Rio Grande Valley. This magical species is sometimes difficult to find. Colonies of this butterfly can be seen throughout the Valley and especially on its host tree. Pixies seem to prefer to fly in overcast, even drizzly weather. The lesson here is that even in normally poor butterflying weather, good things can show up in the Valley! Thorn Bugs are also sometimes found on the Guamuchils. 

Caterplillar Foodplant - Guamuchil

Red-bordered Pixie
(at Guamuchil Tree)

Quinta Mazatlan World Birding Center, McAllen, Hidalgo Co, TX
July 21, 2007 (G Quintanilla)


(Red-bordered Pixie, Caterpillar, and Chrysalis at Guamuchil Tree

Edinburg, Texas
October 19, 2004 (B Bouton)


Red-bordered Pixie Chrysalis
(Red-bordered Pixie Chrysalis)

Edinburg, Texas
October 22, 2005 (B Bouton)



When I visited the red-bordered pixie colony next to the Burger King in Edinburg, one bug stood out...all orange, no red.

Edinburg, Hidalgo Co., TX
October 2005 (F. Model)


(colony on east side of Burger King @ University Dr. and U.S. HWY 281)

(three pixies in one shot!)

Edinburg, Hidalgo Co., TX
October 17, 2004 (W. Cook)

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