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Monarch (Danaus plexippus)

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(at caterpillar foodplant, mexican milkweed)

Mission, Hidalgo Co., Tx
April 17, 2005 (G Quintanilla)

Waterwalk, McAllen, Hidalgo Co. TX
June 15, 2006 (G Quintanilla)


Monarch Upperside

Lucy's Garden, Mission, Hidalgo Co., TX
January 04, 2004 (G Quintanilla)


Monarch Chrysalis
Mission, Tx (G Quintanilla )


Monarach and Queen Mating
(Monarch and Queen Mating at Tenaza Tree)

Solar Drive, Mission, Hidalgo Co, Tx
October 15, 2006 (G Quintanilla)

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