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Marius Hairstreak (Rekoa marius)

Compare to Smudged Hairstreak /Strophius Hairstreak

Marius Hairstreak - Caterpillar and Chyrsalis

 Marius Hairstreak
(note gray eyes and extensive blue on thecla area between two orange spots on HW) *

WBC Bentsen-RGV SP, Hidalgo, Co., TX
November 10, 2006 (D Hanson)


 Marius Hairstreak
(uniform ground color is another diagnostic for Marius vs Smudged Hairstreak) *

Falcon State Park, Starr County, TX
Ocotober 28, 2006 (G Quintanilla)



(female shot at the "the hedge")

Mission West RV Park, Mission, Hidalgo Co., TX
October 25, 2004 (Bill Bouton)


adult emerged October 8, 2004 

Hidalgo Co., TX (J & D Dauphin)



Adult emerged September 26, 2005 ex:

Larva collected on Duranta sp. Verbenaceae

Hidalgo Co., TX (G Quintanilla)


Adult emerged September 16, 2005 ex:

Pupa collected September 13, 2005 

on Duranta sp. Verbenaceae

Mission West RV Park, Hidalgo Co., TX
 (G Quintanilla)


*See 2005/6 Winter issue of American Butterflies Magazine Pages 26-29

11-Nov-2006 / NABASoTx