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Laviana White-Skipper (Heliopetes laviana)

Compare to Turk's Cap White Skipper

Laviana White Skipper

Edinburg, Hidalgo Co., TX
October 27, 2005 (B Bouton)


Laviana White Skipper
(note "Y" pattern shooting from base of hindwing and extending outward)

Frontera Audubon, Weslaco, Hidalgo Co., TX
October 30, 2004


(hosting on Velvet-Leaf Mallow (Allowissadula holosericea))

Barton Creek, Zilker Park, Austin, Texas
June 25, 2005 (M Quinn, D. Hardy, + M.OB.)


(note "Y" pattern shooting from HW base)

Santa Ana NWR, Alamo, Hidalgo County, TX
July 19, 2000 (T Eubanks)

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