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Butterfly Gardening



Lantana Velutina by Christina Mild


Monarch Caterpillar
Monarach Chrysalis

Monarch at Milkweed

Getting Started

  • Anne B. Swengel "Basics of Butterfly Gardening" (PDF file)
  • NABA's Program for Butterfly Gardens & Habitats has produced regional butterfly gardening brochures. Each one focuses on a particular region of North America and includes such information as top butterfly nectar flowers, nectar flowers that don't work in this region, top caterpillar food plants, common butterflies for your garden & yard, local & unusual butterflies for your garden & yard, and general comments about gardening in this region.


  • Christina Mild's "Rio Delta Wild." (external link) Articles on LRGV Native Plants
  • Christina Mild "Lantana Velutina" Try this awesome plant. (PDF file)

Nectar and Foodplants

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Scarlet Musk Flower Yucca (Pita) Tuilpan del Monte






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