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Family Hesperiidae

Spread-wing Skippers I

Spread-wing Skippers II
Giant Skippers

Whites and Yellows
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Grass-Skippers Subfamily Hesperiinae

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Malicious Skipper
(Synapte malitiosa)
Salenus Skipper
(Synapte salenus)
Redundant Skipper
(Corticea corticea)
Pale-rayed Skipper
(Vidius perigenes)
Violet-patched Skipper
(Monca tyrtaeus)
Julia's Skipper
(Nastra julia)
Swarthy Skipper
(Nastra Iherminier)
Fawn-spotted Skipper
(Cymaenes odilia)
Clouded Skipper
(Lerema accius)
Liris Skipper
(Lerema liris)
Fantastic Skipper
(Vettius fantasos)
Green-backed Ruby-eye (Perichares philetes)
Osca Skipper
(Rhinthon osca)
Double-dotted Skipper
(Decinea percosius)
Hidden Ray Skipper
(Conga chydaea)
Least Skipper
(Ancyloxypha numitor)
Tropical Least Skipper
(Ancyloxpha arene)
Orange Skipperling
(Copaeodes aurantiacus)
Southern Skipperling (Copaeodes minimus)
Fiery Skipper
(Hylephila phyleus)
(Polites vibex)
Southern Broken-Dash (Wallengrenia otho)
(Atalopedes campestris)
Delaware Skipper
(Anatrytone logan)
Glowing Skipper
(Anatrytone mazai)
Common Mellana
(Quasimellana eulogius)
Dun Skipper
(Euphyes vestris)
Nysa Roadside-Skipper
(Amblyscirtes nysa)
Dotted Roadside-Skipper (Amblyscirtes eos)
Celia's Roadside-Skipper (Amblyscirtes celia)
Eufala Skipper
(Lerodea eufala)
Violet-clouded Skipper
(Lerodea arabus)
Olive-clouded Skipper
(Lerodea dysaules)
Brazilian Skipper
(Calpodes ethlius)
Obscure Skipper
(Panoquina panoquinoides)
Ocola Skipper (Panoquina ocola)
Hecebolus Skipper
(Panoquina hecebola)
Chestnut-marked Skipper
(Thespieus macareus)
Purple-washed Skipper
(Panoquina sylvicola)
Evans' Skipper
(Panoquina fusina)
Violet-banded Skipper
(Nyctelius nyctelius)



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