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Hackberry Emperor (Asterocampa celtis)

Compare to Tawny Emperor

Compare to Empress Leilia


Hackberry Emperor
Atypical LRGV variant - note one FW eyespot instead of two and inside FW cell end bar not broken

National Butterfly Center, Mission, Hidalgo Co., TX
November 26, 2006 (G Quintanilla)


Hackberry Emperor
Typical example for Lower Rio Grande Valley- Note two FW eyespots and one FW cell bar broken

Penitas, Hidalgo County, Texas
March 9, 2005 (G Quintanilla)


Lyford, Willacy Co., TX
July 21, 2003 (L Ellington)

Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park, Hidalgo Co., TX
June 6, 2004 (W. Cook)


 Santa Ana NWR, Alamo, Hidalgo Co., TX
October 8, 2003 (B Bouton)

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