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Caterpillars in the Field and Garden

Caterpillars in the Field and Garden

A field guide to the butterfly caterpillars of North America by Thomas J. Allen, Jim P. Brock, and Jeffrey Glassberg. . The first and only comprehensive guide that contains all the information necessary to find and identify these marvelous creatures. Gardeners will learn how to distinguish between the caterpillar that may one day become a beautiful butterfly and the moth larvae that will destroy garden plants. Learn about butterfly biology, butterfly gardening, and view color range maps which show where each species occurs.



Mexican Field Guide

The Life Cycles of Butterflies
Judy Burris & Wayne Richards

"It really is a wonderful photographic guide showing 23 of the common garden butterflies life cycle from egg to butterfly. 150 pages with a little over 400 color photos.  I really like the three full page charts at the back of the book showing the eggs, cats and chrysalids of those 23 butterflies.  It also includes some other photos of other butterflies but not their complete life cycle. Great for adults interested in raising butterflies and it is easy enough for younger children to understand."~Cat Traylor NEW



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