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Welcome to the website of NABA South Texas (NABASoTx), a chapter of the North American Butterfly Association. NABASoTX is located in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. South Texas is recognized as America's Butterfly Capital.

NABASoTx features an outstanding collection of more than 2,000 butterfly photographs from the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. This butterfly site continues to have universal appeal and in a span of one year registered visitors from every state in America and over one hundred foreign countries. The site is organized into eight sections: Photo Gallery, Events, Hotspots, Gardening, Kid's Corner, Checklists, Utilities, and the recently added, Site Map. If you are new to butterflying, we invite you to visit the main Photo Gallery and get acquainted with the six major families. From a tiny Western Pygmy Blue to a Giant Swallowtail, or dazzling Blue-eyed Sailor, our visual key will help you to quickly compare and identify butterflies. Scientists and naturalists alike are encouraged to use our extensive and popular bibliography resource.

NABASoTx website can also be useful in planning your butterfly watching trip to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, Mexico, or any Latin American country. Explore our annotated and photographic checklists as well as the Butterflying Mexico and Latin America features under "Utilities." If you are interested in starting a butterfly garden, learning about caterpillar food plants, or simply enjoy artwork, visit the Gardening and Art sections.

We hope you will visit our website and the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas often. In the Fall, join us for the fun-filled Texas Butterfly Festival. While you are in the Magic Valley, be sure to look for the Red-bordered Pixies at the McAllen Wing of the World Birding Center, Quinta Mazatlan, and the resident Crimson Patches of Frontera Audubon.


"For if one link in nature's chain might be lost, another might be lost, until the whole of things will vanish by piecemeal."
- Thomas Jefferson



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