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"Sunset Moth" (Urania fulgens)

Swallowtail Moth Family Uraniidae

Panama City, Republic of Panama
August 11, 2005 (Dr. Neal G. Smith)

mass laying of fertile eggs on Omphalea diandra, a vine in the Euphorbiaceae family

USUALLY the females lay clutches under the leaves of ca 40 -80 eggs. The capacity seems to be about 450 eggs in total. These hatch in four days. All of the individuals in this photo are ovipositing females. I saw no males. I have never seen group oviposition before, even in captivity. I have no idea what induced this. Females usually avoid leaves that have eggs. We examined the eggs masses after they had hatched and found very few infertile eggs. The larvae that had been in eggs under others simply ate their way out.

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