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Anacua Tree Mexican Milkweed Milkweed Vine Southern Dogface at Porter Weed

Anacua Tree
Excellent Nectar Source
Large Tree

Mexican Milkweed
Host to Monarch, Queen, Soldier Perennial <3'
Milkweed Vine
Host to Monarch
Porter Weed
Excellent (non-native) Nectar Source - Attracts Angled Sulphurs and Guava Skipper


Tenaza Kidneywood Ebony Tree Barbados Cherry - Manzanita
Tenaza (thorns)
Good Nectar Source
Small Tree <20'
Kidneywood (thornless)
Host to: Southern Dogface
Good Nectar Source
Very Large Shurb >8'
Host to: Large Orange
Very Large Tree
Barbados Cherry - Manzanita
Host to: Brown-banded Skipper, Strophius Hairstreak,White-patched Skipper,Cassius Blue
Medium-large shrub 3-5'


Compiled by Gil Quintanilla


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