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Ebony Tree Wester Pygmy Blue at Zexmenia Florida White(female) at Shrubby Blue Sage
Wedelia - Zexmenia
Perennial <3'
Shrubby Blue Sage


Sugar Hackberry Tree - Palo Blanco Button Bush Large Orange at Scarlet Musk Flower Butterfly Bush
Hackberry Tree
Host to: Hackberry Emperor, Tawny Emperor, Pavon Emperor
Large Tree
Button Bush
Excellent Nectar Source


Scarlet Musk Flower
(Native Wildflower)
Butterfly Bush
Excellent (non-native) nectar source - short lived


Coral Bean Common Ballon Vine Golden Rod White-angled Sulphur at Texas Wild Olive

Coral Bean (thorns)
Attractive Ornamental tree
Host to: Frosted Flasher
Fair Nectar Source

Common Balloon Vine
Host to: Silver-banded Hairstreak
Fair Nectar Source
Golden Rod
Excellent Nectar Source
Large Shrub 5-8'
Texas Wild Olive - Anacahuita
Excellent Nectar Source
Small Tree <15'


Compiled by Gil Quintanilla


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