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Ebony Tree Mellana at Texas Baby Bonnets Lantana Horrida Mexican Trixis Hierba del Aire
Crucita - Eupatorium Odoratum
Host to: Rounded Metalmark
Best Fall Nectar Plant
Medium-large shrub 3-5'
Baby Bonnets (thornless)
Host to: Funereal Duskywing, Southern Dogface
Large Shrub 5-8'
Lantana Horrida
Host to: Painted Lady
Excellent Nectar Plant
Medium-large Shrub 3-5'
Mexican Trixis - Hierba del Aire
Good Fall/Winter Nectar Plant
Medium-large Shrub 3-5'


Duranta Mellana Skipper at Frog Fruit Brown Lontails at Verbena White-striped Long Tail at Flame Vine
Host to: Marius Hairstreak
Excellent Non-native Nectar Shrub
Texas Frogfruit
Host to: Phaon Crescent, White Peacock, Common Buckeye
Excellent Groundcover Nectar
Host to: Common Buckeye, Theona Checkerspot
Good Groundcover Nectar
Flame Vine
Excellent (non-native)
Nectar Source


Compiled by Gil Quintanilla

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