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Betony Mistflower Florida White at White Brush Great Morgane Clearwing at Turk's Cap

Betony Mistflower
Host to: Rounded Metalmark Groundcover to 3'
Gil's Pick - Best All Around


White Brush (thornless)
Excellent Nectar Source
Large Shrub 5-8'

Turk's Cap
Host to: Turk's Cap White-Skipper; Glassy-wing Skipper - Medium large shrub 3-5'


Black Swallowtail at Penta Red-crescent Hairstreak at Heliotrope Two-barred Flasher at Rose Pavon Heart Leafed Hibiscus
Excellent Nectar Plant
Perennial <3'
Excellent Nectar Plant
Perennial <3'
Rose Pavonia
Native to Edwards Plateau
Good Nectar Plant
Small Shrub to 3'
Heart Leaf Hibiscus - (Tulipan del Monte) Host to: Yojoa Scrub-Hairstreak,
Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak
Good Nectar Plant
Small Shrub to 3'


Compiled by Gil Quintanilla

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