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"Mike A. Rickard and W. W. McGuire turned in this most remarkable report"*

14 New U.S. Records plus 1 New State Record for RGV!

CAMERON CO., TX Scientific name as listed in SS Date Significance
Broad-banded Swallowtail P. astyalus Aug. 13
Zilpa Longtail C. zilpa Aug. 13
Florida Purplewing E. tatila Aug. 18
Elf M. elva  Aug. 18 
Eight-spotted Longtail

P. octomaculata

Oct. 19 
Walker's Metalmark

A. walkeri

Oct. 20 
Veined White-Skipper

Heliopetes arsalte L.

Oct. 20  U.S. Record
Mexican Longtail

Polythrix mexicanus Freeman

Oct. 20  U.S. Record
Frosted Flasher Astraptes alardus latia Evans Jun 16, Oct. 10, Sep. 2 U.S. Record
Common Mellana M. eulogius June 17-26, Aug. 11, Oct.10, Nov. 3
Golden-headed Scallopwing

S. ceos

June 17, Aug. 12
Erato Heliconian

H. petiveranus

June 18
Ornythion Swallowtail

P. ornythion

Aug. 10-11
Erichson's White-Skiper

H. domicella

Aug. 12, Oct. 10 
Esmeralda Longtail

Urbanus esmeralda Butler

Aug. 18 U.S. Record
Manuel's Skipper

P. manueli

Aug. 18 
Eight-spotted Longtail

P. octomaculata

Aug. 30, Oct. 20 
Gray Cracker

H. februa

Aug. 30, Oct. 9
Pale-spotted Leafwing

A. pithyusa

Sept. 2
Xami Hairstreak

X. xami

Sept. 23
Zilpa Longtail

C. zilpa

Sept. 23, Oct. 20, Oct.25, Nov. 4
Jalapus Cloudywing

Achalarus jalapus Plotz

Sept. 23, Oct. 20  U.S. Record
Statira Sulphur

P. statira

Oct. 9
Mottled Bolla

Bolla clytius G. & S.

Oct. 10, Oct. 20  U.S. Record
Ruddy Hairstreak

E. endymion

Oct. 10, Nov. 4
Tailed Aguna

A. metophis

Oct. 11, Oct. 25-27
Broken Silverdrop

E. exadeus

Oct. 18 State Record
White-crescent Longtail

C. alcaeus

Oct. 19
Emerald Aguna

Aguna claxon Evans

Oct. 19  U.S. Record
Gilbert's Flasher

A. gilberti

Oct. 19 
Mottled Longtail

T. undulatus

Oct. 19 
Red-crescent Scrub-Hairstr.

S. rufofusca

Oct. 20
Liris Skipper

Lerema liris Evans

Oct. 20  U.S. Record
Small-spotted Skipperling

P. microsticta

Oct. 20  U.S. Record
Stallings' Flat

C. stallingsi

Oct. 20 
Osca Skipper

Rhinthon osca Plotz

Oct. 20, Oct. 26  U.S. Record
Evans' Skipper

P. evansi

Oct. 20, Oct. 25-27, Nov. 4
Isabella Heliconian E. cleobaea Oct. 20 
Hoary Skipper

C. canescens

Oct. 20, Dec. 15
Hermit Skipper

C. stigmaticus

Oct. 20
Broad-banded Swallowtail

P. astyalus

Oct. 21 
Falcate Skipper

S. clonius

Oct. 21, Oct. 26
Blue-eyed Sailor

D. dyonis

Oct. 21, Oct. 27
Hidden-ray Skipper

Conga chydaea Butler

Oct. 25 U.S. Record
Mercurial Skipper

P. mercurius

Oct. 26
Least Skipper

A. numitor

Oct. 26
Blue-studded Skipper

Sostrata bifasciata nordica Evans

Oct. 26  U.S. Record
Common Banner

Epiphile adrasta Staud.

Oct. 27 U.S. Record
Red Rim

B. aganisa

White-tailed Longtail

U. doryssus

Nov. 4
Redundant Skipper

Corticea corticea Plotz

Nov. 4, Dec. 15-16  U.S. Record
Lacey's Scrub-Hairstreak

S. alea

Dec. 15-16
White Scrub-Hairstreak

S. albata

Dec. 27 
Variegated Skipper

G. begga

Dec. 27 

Number of New U.S. (or State) Records by Month

Jun Aug Sep Oct  Nov Dec
Papilionoidea 0 0 0 1 0 0
Hesperiodea 1 1 1 9 (1) 1 0

(Apparently, new county records were too trivial to declare 30 years ago...)

In 1973, Frank R. Hedges also reported from the RGV:

NABA English Name Scientific Name Location in Hidalgo Co. Date
Ruddy Daggerwing Marpesia petreus Bentsen St. Pk. 13 July
Common Mellana Mellana eulogius Bentsen St. Pk. 13 July
Golden-headed Scallopwing Staphylus ceos  Mission 15 Aug.
Evans' Skipper Panoquina evansi McAllen 22 Oct.
Pavon Emperor Doxocopa pavon Mission 3 Nov.
Red Rim Biblis hyperia Mission 3 Nov.
Curve-winged metalmark Emesis emesia Madero 3 Nov.
Lacey's Scrub-Hairstreak

Strymon alea

Bentsen St. Pk. 15 Dec.

*Quote and all data from: 

H.A. Freeman. coordinator. 1974. Zone 4: Great Plains. Pp. 6-8 in: Leuschner, R. editor. The 1973 field season summary. News of the Lepidopterists' Society No. 2.

English names from:

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See also:

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