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Checklist of the Dragonflies and Damselflies
(Odonata) of the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas

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June, 2008

Created by David T. Dauphin


This checklist is based on the documented county records found in Abbott, J.C. 2006. Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) of Texas.  Odonata Survey of Texas. Vol. 1. Austin, Texas. 320p. ISBN 1-4116-6525-2, and from photo-documented records not sent to JCA.  Thanks to John Abbott, Bob Behrstock, Terry Fuller, Tony Gallucci, Martin Hagne, Dave Hanson,  Dennis Paulson, Mike Quinn, Martin Reid, and Joshua Rose.  PLEASE SEND YOUR RECORDS TO DR.  JOHN ABBOTT AT ODONATA CENTRAL!




Cameron County=C, Hidalgo County=H, Starr County=S, Willacy County=W 

Photo record-need specimen=*


Total LRGV Damselflies = 28    

Total LRGV Dragonflies = 72

Total Odonata = 100                     

 Damselflies:     Dragonflies:    Total Odonata

         C = 26                C = 53                 C = 79

         H = 26                H = 68                 H = 94

         S = 15                S = 40                 S = 55

         W = 8                 W = 26                W = 34




            American Rubyspot – Hetaerina americana    C, H, S

            Smokey Rubyspot – Hetaerina titia   C, H, S


            Plateau Spreadwing – Lestes alacer   C, H

            Southern Spreadwing – Lestes australis    C, H

            Rainpool Spreadwing – Lestes forficula    C, H, S

            Chalky Spreadwing – Lestes sigma    C, H, S


            Coral-fronted Threadtail- Neoneura aaroni    H*   

            Amelia’s Threadtail – Neoneura amelia    C, H

            Orange-striped Threadtail – Protoneura cara    H


            Mexican Wedgetail – Acanthagrion quadratum    C

            Blue-fronted Dancer – Argia apicalis    C, H, S, W

            Kiowa Dancer – Argia immunda    C, H, S

            Powdered Dancer – Argia moesta    C*, H, S

            Springwater Dancer -- Argia plana   C

            Golden-winged Dancer – Argia rhoadsi    C, H*

            Blue-ringed Dancer – Argia sedula    C, H, S, W

            Dusky Dancer – Argia translata    C, H

            Double-striped Bluet – Enallagma basidens    C, H, S, W

            Familiar Bluet – Enallagma civile    C, H, S, W

            Big Bluet – Enallagma durum    C*, H, S, W

            Neotropical Bluet – Enallagma novaehispaniae    C, H, S

            Orange Bluet – Enallagma signatum    C, H, S

            Citrine Forktail – Ischnura hastata    C, H, S, W

            Fragile Forktail – Ischnura posita    C, H*

            Rambur’s Forktail – Ischnura ramburii    C, H, S, W

        Cream-tipped Swampdamsel – Leptobasis  melinogaster  H,*C

            Caribbean Yellowface – Neoerythromma ultellatum  C,H

            Desert Firetail – Telebasis salva    C, H, W




            Amazon Darner – Anax amazili    C*, H, W

            Blue-spotted Comet Darner – Anax concolor    H

            Common Green Darner - Anax junius  C, H, S, W

            Comet Darner – Anax longipes    C*, H*

            Blue-faced Darner – Coryphaeschna adnexa    C, H

            (No Common Name) - Coryphaeschna apeora  H*

            Regal Darner – Coryphaeschna ingens    C

            Bar-sided Darner – Gynacantha mexicana    C, H

            Arroyo Darner – Rhionaeschna dugesi    C*, H

            Turquoise-tipped Darner – Rhionaeschna psilus  C, H, S

            Pale-green Darner - Triacanthagyna septima    C, H


            Broad-striped Forceptail – Aphylla angustifolia    C*, H, S

            Narrow-striped Forceptail – Aphylla protracta    C, H, S

            Flag-tailed Spinyleg – Dromogomphus spoliatus   C, H,S

            Eastern Ringtail – Erpetogomphus designatus    H, S

            Plains Clubtail -- Gomphus externus   S*

            Tamaulipan Clubtail – Gomphus gonzalezi    C, H*, S

            Sulphur-tipped Clubtail – Gomphus  militaris    C, H, S

            Ringed Forceptail – Phyllocycla breviphylla    C, H, S

            Five-striped Leaftail –Phyllogomphoides albrighti C*,H,S

            Russet-tipped Clubtail – Stylurus plagiatus    H, S


            Bronzed River Cruiser – Macromia annulata    H


            Prince Baskettail – Epitheca  princeps    C, H, S, W


            Red-tailed Pennant – Brachymesia furcata    C, H, S, W

            Four-spotted Pennant – Brachymesia gravida    C. H, S, W

            Tawny Pennant – Brachymesia herbida    C, H, S

            Slender Clubskimmer -- Brechmorhoga praecox    H

            Pale-faced Clubskimmer – Brechmorhoga mendax    H*

            Gray-waisted Skimmer – Cannaphila insularis funerea    C, H

            Halloween Pennant – Celithemis eponina    C, H

            Checkered Setwing – Dythemis fugax    C, H, W

            Black Setwing – Dythemis nigrescens    C, H, S, W

            Swift Setwing – Dythemis velox    H, S

            Black Pondhawk --Erythemis attala    C,H

            Claret Pondhawk – Erythemis mithroides    C, H

            Pin-tailed Pondhawk – Erythemis plebeja    C, H, S, W

            Eastern Pondhawk – Erythemis simplicicollis simplicicollis    C, H, S, W

            Great Pondhawk – Erythemis vesiculosa    C, H, S, W

            Seaside Dragonlet – Erythrodiplax berenice    C, H, W

            Little Blue Dragonlet – Erythrodiplax minuscula    C, H

            Red-faced Dragonlet --Erythrodiplax fusca    H

            Band-winged Dragonlet – Erythrodiplax umbrata    C, H, S, W

            Metallic Pennant -- Idiataphe cubensis   H*

            Comanche Skimmer – Libellula comanche    H

            Neon Skimmer - Libellula  croceipennis     S

            Needham’s Skimmer – Libellula needhami    C, H, S, W

            Twelve-spotted Skimmer – Libellula pulchella    C*, H

            Flame Skimmer – Libellula saturata   H, S

            Marl Pennant – Macrodiplax balteata    C, H, S, W

            Straw-colored Sylph – Macrothemis inacuta    C, H, S

            Hyacinth Glider – Miathyria marcella    C, H, S, W

            Spot-tailed Dasher – Micrathyria aequalis    C, H, W

            Three-striped Dasher – Micrathyria didyma    C, H, W

            Thornbush Dasher – Micrathyria hagenii    C*, H, S, W

            Carmine Skimmer – Orthemis discolor    C*, H, S

            Roseate Skimmer – Orthemis ferruginea    C, H, S, W

            Blue Dasher – Pachydiplax longipennis    C, H, S, W

            Wandering Glider – Pantala flavescens    C, H, S, W

            Spot-winged Glider – Pantala hymenaea    C, H, S, W

            Scarlet-tailed Skimmer -- Planiplax sanguiniventris  H*

            Slough Amberwing – Perithemis domitia    C, H

            Eastern Amberwing – Perithemis tenera    C, H, S, W

            Common Whitetail – Plathemis lydia    H

            Filigree Skimmer – Pseudoleon superbus    C, H, S

            Variegated Meadowhawk – Sympetrum corruptum    C, H, S, W

            Aztec Glider – Tauriphila azteca    C*

            Evening Skimmer – Tholymis citrina    C*, H

            Vermilion Saddlebags – Tramea abdominalis    H*

            Striped Saddlebags – Tramea calverti    C, H, S, W

            Antillean Saddlebags -- Tramea insularis   H*

            Black Saddlebags – Tramea lacerata   C, H, S, W*

            Red Saddlebags – Tramea onusta    C, H, S, W

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