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Checklist and English Names of Mexican Butterflies: 1709 species

Jeffrey Glassberg - 20 September 2005

Here is a revised list of English names for Mexican butterflies, now with names for all species excepting a few undescribed species. These are the names I plan to use in a forthcoming field guide to all Mexican butterflies. Based upon feedback from users and other considerations, a number names have been changed from the first preliminary list. For example, I originally had named Hamadryas laodamia Black Cracker, based upon the color of its underwings and in keeping with the names of many other crackers, i.e., Red Cracker and Orange Cracker. However, there was strong support for the name coined by Phil DeVries, Starry Night. Since this species is a cracker, I went with Starry Cracker. Another example is Phocides urania, which I had named Jade Beamer. I called all Phocides beamers, based upon the iridescent rays that radiate out from the base of the their FWs. This feature immediately separates these species from the very similar-appearing blue firetips, which lack these radiating “beams.” However, some users were uncomfortable with “jade” because, to them, jade meant green (although there is jade that is the color of urania) and the color of the stripes on this animal are bluer than they are green (although Evans, in his massive work on New World skippers, says “striping green”). Considering this, I have changed the name to Teal Beamer since teal blue is very close to the actual color (urania is the only beamer that is really greenish-blue, not blue).

In naming Mexican butterflies, I have tried to provide names that will help users remember butterflies and that in many cases will assist them with field identification. I also tried to consider all Neotropical species, not just those in Mexico. So, if a species is the only Mexican species in its group that has red on the HW, but there are 15 other species in the Neotropics that have red on the HW, I generally didn’t use this feature in the name. Or, if a species is restricted to western Mexico, I didn’t call it Western ..., I called it West-Mexican. I also tried to vary the names, using field marks, geography, describers, scientific names, and whimsy. In most cases, the reason for the name will be obvious, sometimes less so. In the end, I believe that there are many good names, a large number of serviceable names, and some clunkers on the list.

Especially with hairstreaks, metalmarks and skippers, new group names were needed. This is because hairstreaks, metalmarks and skippers each have large numbers of species and many of the subgroups within these larger groupings are readily identifiable in the field, and because it would have been impossible to find meaningful names for, for example, more than 700 species of “skipper.” In general, the group names align with genus, but sometimes are broader. At some point in the future, NABA Checklist names should probably be changed to reflect the Neotropical group names. For example, Gray Hairstreak would become Gray Scrub-Hairstreak and Ocola Skipper would become Ocola Panoquin.

My intent is to have scientific (and English) names on this list to follow the NABA Checklist when a particular species is treated there. For species not treated on the NABA Checklist, my intent is to use the recently published Atlas of Neotropical Lepidoptera. Checklist: Part 4A. Hesperioidea – Papilionoidea edited by Gerardo Lamas (2004. Scientific Publishers), except where another treatment is clearly implied by the NABA Checklist. For example, many swallowtails, including Eastern Tiger Swallowtail are placed in the genus Papilio on the NABA list, while the Atlas elevates subgenera, such as Pterourus to genus level and places Eastern Tiger Swallowtail in that genus. Therefore, I follow the NABA list and list Eastern Tiger Swallowtail as Papilio glaucus. The Mexican endemic Oaxacan Swallowtail, which is not on the NABA checklist, is listed as Pterourus esperanza in the Atlas. I list Oaxacan Swallowtail as Papilio esperanza because it is clear that the NABA Checklist means to include all swallowtails in this group as belonging to the genus Papilio. In a number of cases a particular subspecies is listed as a convenience, but unless there are quotes around the first portion of the name, the English name refers to the entire species, not just the subspecies. In a fair number of cases I believe that the taxonomic arrangement chosen in the Atlas (and thus on this list) is not correct and will likely change in the future.

I am making this list available now, prior to publication of the Mexican field guide, because I would welcome any comments potential users might have that would improve the list. Please send along any suggested names for species that you believe would be superior to the ones I propose, along with your reasoning about why your name would be better, to Or, if you find instances where the NABA Checklist is not followed as primary authority or the above mentioned Atlas is not followed as secondary authority, or typographical errors, please let me know. I will consider any suggestions sent, although, due to time demands, I probably will not be able to reply.

Papilionidae - Pieridae - Lycaenidae - Riodinidae - Nymphalidae - Hesperiidae


SWALLOWTAILS family Papilionidae: 49


Baronia brevicornis, Archaic Swallowtail

Battus philenor, Pipevine Swallowtail             

Battus polydamas, Polydamas Swallowtail     

Battus eracon, Colima Swallowtail   

Battus laodamas, Yellow-spotted Swallowtail

Battus ingenuus, Confused Swallowtail

Battus lycidas, Yellow-trailed Swallowtail        

Parides alopius, White-dotted Cattleheart      

Parides photinus, Pink-spotted Cattleheart    

Parides montezuma, Montezuma’s Cattleheart

Papilio eurimedes mylotes, Pink-checked Cattleheart

Parides childrenae, Green-celled Cattleheart  

Parides sesostris, Emerald-patched Cattleheart

Parides panares, Wedge-spotted Cattleheart 

Parides erithalion, Variable Cattleheart

Parides iphidamas, Transandean Cattleheart


Eurytides epidaus, Guatemalan Kite-Swallowtail

Eurytides philolaus, Dark Kite-Swallowtail

Eurytides agesilaus, Short-lined Kite-Swallowtail

Eurytides dioxippus, Thick-bordered Kite-Swallowtail

Eurytides calliste, Yellow Kite-Swallowtail     

Eurytides thyastes, Orange Kite-Swallowtail 

Eurytides salvini, Salvin’s Kite-Swallowtail

Eurytides macrosilaus, Bow-lined Kite Swallowtail

Mimoides thymbraeus, White-crescent Swallowtail

Mimoides ilus, Dual-spotted Swallowtail

Mimoides phaon, Red-sided Swallowtail


Papilio polyxenes, Black Swallowtail

Papilio zelicaon, Anise Swallowtail

Papilio indra, Indra Swallowtail

Papilio torquatus, Band-gapped Swallowtail

Papilio cresphontes, Giant Swallowtail

Papilio thoas, Thoas Swallowtail

Papilio ornythion, Ornythion Swallowtail

Papilio astyalus, Broad-banded Swallowtail

Papilio androgeus, Androgeus Swallowtail

Papilio anchisiades, Ruby-spotted Swallowtail

Papilio pharnaces, Pink-spotted Swallowtail

Papilio rogeri, Yucatan Swallowtail

Papilio erostratus, Pale-spotted Swallowtail   

Papilio victorinus, Victorine Swallowtail

Papilio garamas, Magnificent Swallowtail       

Papilio esperanza, Oaxacan Swallowtail

Papilio multicaudatus, Two-tailed Swallowtail

Papilio glaucus, Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Papilio rutulus, Western Tiger Swallowtail

Papilio eurymedon, Pale Swallowtail

Papilio palamedes, Palamedes Swallowtail

Papilio pilumnus, Three-tailed Swallowtail   


WHITES and YELLOWS family Pieridae: 79


Whites subfamily Pierinae: 37


Hesperocharis costaricensis, Pallid Tile-White

Hesperocharis crocea, Orange Tile-White

Hesperocharis graphites, Black-pointed Tile-White

Eucheira socialis, Social White

Neophasia terlooti, Chiricahua White

Archonias brassolis, Cattleheart White

Charonias eurytele nigrescens, Tiger White

Catasticta flisa flisa, Narrow-banded Dartwhite

Catasticta flisa flisella, Narrow-banded Dartwhite

Catasticta sp. nov., Sinaloan Dartwhite

Catasticta nimbice nimbice, Mexican Dartwhite

Catasticta nimbice ocharacea, Mexican Dartwhite

Catasticta teutila, Golden-banded Dartwhite  

Catasticta sp. nov., Arrowhead Dartwhite

Leptophobia aripa, Common Greeneyed-White

Appias drusilla, Florida White          

Pontia beckerii, Becker’s White

Pontia sisymbrii, Spring White   

Pontia protodice, Checkered White       

Pieris rapae, Cabbage White

Ascia monuste, Great Southern White

Ganyra josephina, Giant White

Ganyra howarthi, Howarth’s White

Ganyra phaloe, Felder’s White

Pieriballi viardi, Painted White

Pereute charops, Surprising White

Melete lycimnia isandra, Common Melwhite

Melete polyhymnia florinda, Golden Melwhite

Itaballia demophile, Cross-barred White

Itaballia pandosia, Brown-bordered White

Perrhybris pamela, Chiapas White

Euchloe guaymasensis, Sonoran Marble

Euchloe hyantis, Pearly Marble

Anthocharis cethura, Desert Orangetip

Anthocharis sara, Sara Orangetip

Anthocharis limonea, Mexican Orangetip

Anthocharis lanceolata, Gray Marble


Yellows subfamily Coliadinae: 30  


Colias eurytheme, Orange Sulphur  

Colias philodice, Clouded Sulphur

Colias alexandra harfordii, Queen Alexandra’s Sulphur

Colias eurydice, California Dogface

Colias cesonia, Southern Dogface   

Anteos clorinde, White Angled-Sulphur        

Anteos maerula, Yellow Angled-Sulphur       

Phoebis sennae, Cloudless Sulphur

Phoebis philea, Orange-barred Sulphur          

Phoebis agarithe, Large Orange Sulphur

Phoebis argante, Apricot Sulphur    

Phoebis neocypris, Tailed Sulphur                  

Phoebis trite, Straight-lined Sulphur

Phoebis statira, Statira Sulphur

Phoebis boisduvalii, Felder’s Sulphur

Prestonia clarki, West-Mexican Sulphur

Kricogonia lyside, Lyside Sulphur

Eurema daira, Barred Yellow

Eurema mexicana, Mexican Yellow

Eurema boisduvaliana, Boisduval’s Yellow

Eurema xantochlora Scarce Yellow   

Eurema salome, Salome Yellow         

Eurema proterpia, Tailed Orange      

Eurema dina, Dina Yellow

Eurema lisa, Little Yellow

Eurema agave, Tabasco Yellow

Eurema albula, Ghost Yellow                             

Eurema nise, Mimosa Yellow            

Eurema nicippe, Sleepy Orange        

Nathalis iole, Dainty Sulphur   


Mimic-Whites subfamily Dismorphinae: 12  


Pseudopieris nehemia, Clean Mimic-White

Enantia lina, White Mimic-White     

Enantia albania, Costa-spotted Mimic-White

Enantia jethys, Bold Mimic-White

Enantia mazai, De la Maza’s Mimic-White      

Lieinix lala, Dark Mimic-White     

Lieinix neblina, Guerrero Mimic-White

Lieinix nemesis, Frosted Mimic-White

Dismorphia amphione, Tiger Mimic-White

Dismorphia crisia, Cloud-forest Mimic-White

Dismorphia eunoe, Guatemalan Mimic-White

Dismorphia theucharila, Clearwinged Mimic-White 


GOSSAMERWINGS family Lycaenidae: 258  


Coppers subfamily Lyaeninae: 7  


Iophanus pyrrhias, Guatemalan Copper 

Lycaena arota, Tailed Copper

Lycaena xanthoides, Great Copper

Lycaena gorgon, Gorgon Copper  

Lycaena heteronea, Blue Copper

Lycaena helloides, Purplish Copper

Lycaena hermes, Hermes Copper 


Hairstreaks subfamily Theclinae: 232   


Hypaurotis crysalis, Colorado Hairstreak       

Habrodais poodiae, Baja Hairstreak

Eumaeus childrenae, Superb Cycadian

Eumaeus toxea, Mexican Cycadian  

Theorema eumenia, Pale-tipped Cycadian

Paiwarria antinous, Felder' Hairstreak

Paiwarria umbratus, Thick-tailed Hairstreak

Mithras sp. nov. near orobia, Pale-patched Greatstreak

Brangas neora, Common Brangas

Brangas coccineifrons, Black-veined Brangas

Brangas carthaea, Green-spotted Brangas

Brangas getus, Bright Brangas

Thaeides theia, Brown-barred Hairstreak

Enos thara, Thara Hairstreak

Enos falerina, Falerina Hairstreak

Evenus regalis, Regal Greatstreak

Evenus coronata, Magnificent Greatstreak

Evenus batesii, Bates’ Greatstreak

Atlides halesus, Great Purple Hairstreak  

Atlides gaumeri, White-tipped Greatstreak    

Atlides polybe, Black-veined Greatstreak

Atlides inachus, Alert Greatstreak   

Atlides carpasia, White-spotted Greatstreak

Atlides rustan, Rusty Greatstreak

Arcas imperialis, Imperial Sunstreak

Arcas cypria, Wavy-lined Sunstreak

Pseudolycaena damo, Sky-blue Greatstreak

Theritas mavors, Sleepy Greatstreak

Theritas augustinula, Blue-spotted Greatstreak

Theritas theocritus, Pearly Greatstreak

Theritas hemon, Pale-clubbed Greatstreak     

Theritas lisus, Common Greatstreak

Brevianta busa, Frosted Hairstreak  

Brevianta hyas, Grizzled Hairstreak

Micandra tongida, Mexican Highstreak

Micandra cyda, Guatemalan Highstreak

Temecla paron, Paron Hairstreak

Temecla heraclides, Cachet Hairstreak

Ipidecla miadora, West-Mexican Streaklet

Ipidecla schausi, Schaus’ Streaklet

Thereus cithonius, Double-barred Hairstreak

Thereus oppia, Oppia Hairstreak

Thereus orasus, Brown-edged Hairstreak                      

Thereus ortalus, Kissing Hairstreak

Thereus lausus, Cafe-au-lait Hairstreak

Rekoa meton, Mother-of-pearl Hairstreak

Rekoa stagira, Smudged Hairstreak

Rekoa zebina, Zebina Hairstreak      

Rekoa marius, Marius Hairstreak      

Rekoa palegon, Gold-bordered Hairstreak

Arawacus togarna, Chiapas Stripe-streak

Arawacus sito, Fine-lined Stripe-streak

Arawacus jada, Creamy Stripe-streak              

Arawacus hypocrita, Pallid Stripe-streak

Contrafacia bassania, Chained Hairstreak

Contrafacia ahola, Hash-mark Hairstreak

Contrafacia imma, Prittwitz’s Hairstreak

Kolana ligurina, Parenthetical Hairstreak

Kolana lyde, Lyde Hairstreak

Ocaria clenchi, Veracruz Blackstreak

Ocaria arpoxais, Blue-spotted Blackstreak

Ocaria petelina, Guatemalan Blackstreak

Ocaria thales, Jet Blackstreak

Ocaria ocrisia, Black Hairstreak 

Ocaria sp. nov., nr. ocrisia

Magnastigma elsa, Elsa’s Hairstreak

Chlorostrymon simaethis, Silver-banded Hairstreak     

Chlorostrymon telea, Telea Hairstreak

Phaeostrymon alcestis, Soapberry Hairstreak

Satyrium californica, California Hairstreak

Satyrium sylvinus, Sylvan Hairstreak              

Satyrium auretorum, Gold-hunter’s Hairstreak

Satyrium tetra, Mountain Mahogany Hairstreak           

Satyrium saepium, Hedgerow Hairstreak

Satyrium favonius, Southern Hairstreak

Satyrium ilavia, Ilavia Hairstreak      

Satyrium polingi, Poling’s Hairstreak              

Cyanophrys goodsoni, Goodson’s Greenstreak

Cyanophrys amyntor, Cramer’s Greenstreak

Cyanophrys fusius, White-fringed Greenstreak 

Cyanophrys herodotus, Tropical Greenstreak

Cyanophrys miserablis, Clench’s Greenstreak

Cyanophrys longula, Brown-spotted Greenstreak

Cyanophrys agricolor, Variegated Greenstreak

Callophrys dumetorum, Bramble Hairstreak   

Callophrys guatemalena, Guatemalan Hairstreak

Callophrys xami, Xami Hairstreak                     

Callophrys scaphia, Chiapas Hairstreak

Callophrys mcfarlandi, Sandia Hairstreak       

Callophrys augustinus, Brown Elfin

Callophrys henrici, Henry’s Elfin                     

Callophrys eryphon, Western Pine Elfin         

Callophrys dospassosi, Olive-and-blue Hairstreak

Callophrys gryneus, Juniper Hairstreak          

Callophrys spinetorum, Thicket Hairstreak    

Callophrys estela, Durango Hairstreak

Megathecla cupentus, Cupent Hairstreak

Lathecla latagus, Lata Hairstreak

Lathecla sp. nov.  nr. latagus

Allosmaitia strophius, Strophius Hairstreak

Laothus erybathis, Mexican Elstreak

Laothus oceia, Long-dash Elstreak

Laothus barajo, Smoky Elstreak

Janthecla rocena, Red-spotted Janstreak

Janthecla janthodonia, Mexican Janstreak

Janthecla janthina, Brilliant Janstreak

Lamprospilus collucia, Patchy Groundstreak 

Lamprospilus sp. nov. nr. coelicolor

Lamprospilus arza, Cream-banded Groundstreak

Lamprospilus tarpa, Yellow-banded Groundstreak       

Lamprospilus sethon, Large Groundstreak

Arumecla galliena, Red-based Groundstreak

Arumecla nisaee, Red-valley Groundstreak    

Camissecla vespasianus, Vesper Groundstreak

Ziegleria syllis, Confused Groundstreak

Ziegleria hesperitis, Common Groundstreak

Ziegleria hoffmani, Hoffman’s Groundstreak

Ziegleria ceromia, Brown Groundstreak

Ziegleria micandriana, Guatemalan Groundstreak

Ziegleria denarius, Coppery Groundstreak

Ziegleria guzanta, Orange-crescent Groundstreak

Electrostrymon mathewi, Mathew’s Groundstreak       

Electrostrymon sangala, Ruddy Hairstreak

Electrostrymon canus, Muted Hairstreak

Calycopis calus, Saddled Groundstreak

Calycopis demonassa, Rusty-banded Groundstreak

Calycopis atnius, Black-and-blue Groundstreak

Calycopis clarina, White-striped Groundstreak

Calycopis cerata, Sharp-M Groundstreak

Calycopis isobeon, Dusky-blue Groundstreak

Calycopis origo, Susanna’s Groundstreak

Calyopis drusilla, Field’s Groundstreak

Calycopis xeneta, Shining Groundstreak

Calycopis trebula, Ochre Groundstreak

Calycopis pisis, Pisis Groundstreak

Strymon melinus, Gray Hairstreak

Strymon albata, White Scrub-Hairstreak

Strymon alea, Lacey’s Scrub-Hairstreak         

Strymon bebrycia, Red-lined Scrub-Hairstreak              

Styrmon rufofusca, Red-crescent Scrub-Hairstreak

Strymon bazochii, Lantana Scrub-Hairstreak

Strymon mulucha, Mottled Scrub-Hairstreak

Strymon istapa, Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak      

Strymon yojoa, Yojoa Scrub-Hairstreak          

Strymon cestri, Tailless Scrub-Hairstreak       

Strymon serapio, Bromeliad Scrub-Hairstreak

Strymon astiocha, Gray-spotted Scrub-Hairstreak

Strymon megarus, Confusing Scrub-Hairstreak

Strymon ziba, Red-spotted Scrub-Hairstreak

Strymon gabatha, Great Scrub-Hairstreak

Tmolus echion, Red-spotted Hairstreak          

Tmolus crolinus, Butler’s Midistreak

Tmolus cydrara, Saddled Midistreak

Tmolus mutina, Mutant Midistreak                 

Nicolaea dolium, Honduran Hairstreak

Nicolaea sp. nr. fabulla, Oaxacan Hairstreak

Nicolaea velina, Garnet-patched Hairstreak

Nicolaea heraldica, Heraldic Hairstreak

Nicolaea ophia, Ophia Hairstreak

Ministrymon leda, Leda Ministreak 

Ministrymon sp. nov. nr. leda

Ministrymon clytie, Clytie Ministreak

Ministrymon coronta, Great Ministreak

Ministrymon zilda, Square-spotted Ministreak

Ministrymon una scopas, Pale Ministreak

Ministrymon inoa, Mexican Ministreak

Ministrymon phrutus, Red-flocked Ministreak

Ministrymon azia, Gray Ministreak

Ministrymon cleon, Dark Ministreak

Ministrymon sp. nr. cleon, Yucatan Ministreak

Gargina gargophia, Gargoyle Hairstreak

Gargina caninius, Inscrutable Hairstreak

Gargina thoria, Marginal Hairstreak

Gargina gnosia, Gnomic Hairstreak

Siderus leucophaeus, White-spotted Hairstreak

Siderus philinna, Bold-spotted Hairstreak

Siderus tephraeus, Pearly-gray Hairstreak

Theclopsis mycon, Burnt-chocolate Hairstreak

Ostrinotes sp. nov. nr purpuritucus

Ostrinotes halciones, Halcyon Hairstreak

Ostrinotes keila, Stinky Hairstreak   

Strephonota syedra, White-banded Hairstreak

Strephonota ambrax, Ambrax Hairstreak

Panthiades bitias, Eclipsed Cross-streak                        

Panthiades ochus, Hatched Cross-streak

Panthiades bathildis, Zebra Cross-streak

Panthiades phaleros, Black-barred Cross-streak

Thepytus echelta, Velvet Hairstreak

Oenomaus ortygnus, Aquamarine Hairstreak

Oenomaus atesa, Big-eyed Hairstreak

Parrhasius orgia, Turquoise-M Hairstreak

Parrhasius polibetes, Broken-M Hairstreak    

Parrhasius moctezuma, Mexican-M Hairstreak

Michaelus phoenissa, Two-banded Hairstreak

Michaelus jebus, Variegated Hairstreak

Michaelus thordesa, Milky-way Hairstreak

Michaelus hecate, Blotchy Hairstreak                             

Michaelus ira, Shadowed Hairstreak

Ignata gadira, Double-S Hairstreak

Ignata sp. nov. nr. gadira

Ignata norax, Norax Hairstreak

Hypostrymon critola, Sonoran Hairstreak

Hypostrymon asa, Serpent-lined Hairstreak

Apuecla maeonis, Lilaceous Hairstreak

Apuecla upupa, Puppy Hairstreak

Nesiostrymon calchinia, Tied Hairstreak

Nesiostrymon celona, Celona Hairstreak

Nesiostrymon dodava, Brown-and-blue Hairstreak

Aubergina paetus, Shaggy Hairstreak

Aubergina hicetas, Harvest Hairstreak

Aubergina sp. nov. nr. hicetas

Iaspis castitas, Narrow-banded Hairstreak     

Iaspis near castimonia, Castaway Hairstreak

Iaspis temesa, Yellow-spotted Hairstreak

Celmia celmus, Chutes-and-ladders Hairstreak

Celmia conoveria, Base-line Hairstreak

Dicya dicaea, Wine-spotted Hairstreak

Dicya carnica, Tear-spotted Hairstreak                           

Dicya lucagus, Interrupted Hairstreak

Dicya lollia, Lolling Hairstreak

Erora quaderna, Arizona Hairstreak

Erora subflorens, Sweet Dreamstreak

Erora nitetis, Smooth Dreamstreak

Erora nr. aura, Golden Dreamstreak

Erora carla, Black-edged Dreamstreak                             

Erora gabina, Salvin’s Dreamstreak

Erora opisena, Druce’s Dreamstreak

Erora muridosca, Dyar’s Dreamstreak

Semonina semones, Mexican Dreamstreak

Chalybs janias, Cramer’s Emeraldstreak

Chalybs hassan, Red-spotted Emeraldstreak

Symbiopsis sp. nr tanais, Colima Hairstreak


Blues subfamily Polyommatinae: 19  


Brephidium exile, Western Pygmy-Blue          

Leptotes cassius, Cassius Blue        

Leptotes marina, Marine Blue           

Zizula cyna, Cyna Blue      

Hemiargus ceraunus, Ceraunus Blue

Hemiargus isola, Reakirt’s Blue        

Everes comyntas, Eastern Tailed-Blue

Celastrina ladon, Spring Azure

Philotes sonorensis, Sonoran Blue
Euphilotes battoides bernardino, Square-spotted Blue

Euphilotes enoptes, Dotted Blue

Euphilotes rita, Rita’s Blue

Philotiella speciosa, Small Blue

Glaucopsyche piasus, Arrowhead Blue

Glaucopsyche lygdamus, Silvery Blue

Lycaeides melissa, Melissa Blue      

Plebejus icarioides, Boisduval’s Blue              

Plebejus acmon, Acmon Blue

Plebejus lupinus, Lupine Blue


METALMARKS family Riodinidae: 177


Sombermarks and relatives subfamily Euselasiinae: 15


Euselasia cataleuca, Black-edged Sombermark

Euselasia chrysippe, Golden Sombermark      

Euselasia regipennis, Purple-topped Sombermark

Euselasia sergia, Transitional Sombermark

Euselasia mystica, Mystical Sombermark

Euselasia procula, Orange-costa Sombermark

Euselasia hieronymi, Red-rayed Sombermark

Euselasia inconspicua, Inconspicuous Sombermark  

Euselasia pusilla, Pearly Sombermark              

Euselasia argentea, Orange-spotted Sombermark 

Euselasia eucrates leucorrhoa, Mousy Sombermark

Euselasia eubule, Dark-patched Sombermark

Euselasia aurantiaca, Fiery Sombermark

Euselasia eurypus, Tee-banded Sombermark

Hades noctula, White-rayed Metalmark


True Metalmarks Subfamily Riodininae: 162  


Mesosemia lamachus, Guatemalan Eyemark

Mesosemia gaudiolum, Gaudy Eyemark

Mesosemia gemina, Turquoise Eyemark

Leucochimona vestalis, White Eyemark

Leucochimona lepida, Satyr Eyemark

Perophthalma lasus, Orange-flushed Eyemark

Hermathena oweni, White Metalmark

Napaea eucharila, White-stitched Metalmark

Napaea danforthi, Sonoran Metalmark

Napaea umbra, Quilted Metalmark

Napaea theages, White-spotted Metalmark

Cremna actoris, Framed Metalmark

Cremna thasus, Orchid Metalmark

Eurybia lycisca, Blue-winged Sheenmark

Eurybia patrona, Great Sheenmark

Eurybia elvina, Blind Sheenmark

Lyropteryx lyra cleadas, Cherry-bordered Metalmark

Necyria duellona larunda, Ray-bordered Metalmark

Ancyluris jurgensenii, Costa-spotted Beautymark

Ancyluris inca, Blue-and-yellow Beautymark

Rhetus arcius, Sword-tailed Beautymark

Rhetus periander, Variable Beautymark

Isapis agyrtus hera, Yellow-based Metalmark

Brachyglenis dodone, Orange-bellied Clearmark

Notheme erota, Two-oranges Metalmark                        

Pheles melanchroia, Melancholy Mimicmark

Pheles strigosa, Four-spotted Mimicmark

Pheles eulesca, Mexican Mimicmark

Chamaelimnas cydonia, Northern Beemark

Chalodeta chaonitis, Orange-stitched Scintillant

Dedritivora zama, Cloaked Scintillant              

Calephelis laverna, Small Scintillant 

Calephelis argyrodines, Bates’ Scintillant

Calephelis nemesis, Fatal Metalmark               

Calephelis bajaensis, Baja Scintillant

Calephelis costaricicola, Costa Rican Scintillant

Calephelis perditalis, Rounded Metalmark                     

Calephelis mexicana, Mexican Scintillant        

Calephelis sixola, Greater Scintillant

Calephelis wrighti, Wright’s Metalmark          

Calephelis fulmen, Strong-spotted Scintillant                

Calephelis rawsoni, Rawson’s Metalmark      

Calephelis arizonensis, Arizona Metalmark

Calephelis sinaloensis, Sinaloan Scintillant

Calephelis dreisbachi, Sonoran Scintillant

Calephelis stallingsi, Gulf Scintillant

Calephelis matheri, Mather’s Scintillant

Calephelis huasteca, Huastecan Scintillant

Calephelis montezuma, Montezuma’s Scintillant

Calephelis acapulcoensis, Acapulco Scintillant

Calephelis azteca, Aztec Scintillant  

Calephelis yucatana, Yucatan Scintillant

Calephelis maya, Mayan Scintillant

Calephelis yautepequensis, Morelos Scintillant

Calephelis wellingi, Tabasco Scintillant          

Calephelis velutina, Temple Scintillant            

Caria ino, Red-bordered Metalmark 

Caria domitianus vejento, Small-patched Greenmark

Caria rhacotis, Hackberry Greenmark

Caria stillaticia, Mexican Greenmark

Caria melino, Dyar’s Greenmark

Caria mantinea lampeto, Brilliant Greenmark

Baeotis zonata, Square-spotted Yellowmark  

Baeotis barce, Tiny Yellowmark

Baeotis sulphurea, Polka-dotted Yellowmark

Lasaia meris, Variegated Bluemark                                   

Lasaia sula, Blue Metalmark              

Lasaia agesilas, Black-patched Bluemark        

Lasaia sessilis, Somber Bluemark     

Lasaia maria, Gray Bluemark              

Exoplisia hypochalybe, Many-banded Metalmark

Melanis pixe, Red-bordered Pixie

Melanis cephise, White-rayed Pixie 

Mesene phareus, Cell-barred Geomark

Mesene croceella, Guatemalan Geomark         

Mesene margaretta, Zebra-tipped Geomark

Mesene silaris, Yellow Geomark

Mesene leucopus, White-legged Geomark  

Esthemopsis clonia, Common Redhead

Esthemopsis alicia, Guatemalan Redhead

Esthemopsis pherephatte, Phat Redhead  

Chimastrum argentea, Silvery Metalmark

Symmachia probetor championi, Red-lead Fiestamark

Symmachia rubina, Stripe-tipped Fiestamark

Symmachia accusatrix, Feathered Fiestamark

Symmachia triclor, Tricolored Fiestamark

Pirascca tyriotes, Golden-banded Metalmark

Panaropsis elegans, Fire-banded Metalmark

Sarota chrysus, Common Jewelmark

Sarota craspediodonta, Mexican Jewelmark

Sarota psaros, Pearly Jewelmark

Sarota estrada, Brown-legged Jewelmark

Sarota gamelia, Bar-coded Jewelmark

Sarota myrtea, White-checked Jewelmark

Anteros chrysoprasta roratus, Elegant Jewelmark

Anteros formosus micon, Black-bellied Jewelmark

Anteros carausius, Carousing Jewelmark       

Calydna venusta, Sinuous Mottlemark

Calydna sturnula, Snappy Mottlemark            

Emesis aurimna, White-spotted Tanmark       

Emesis saturata, Skipperish Tanmark

Emesis n. sp., Cloud-forest Tanmark

Emesis liodes, Mexican Tanmark

Emesis mandana, Great Tanmark      

Emesis vimena, Schaus’ Tanmark

Emesis tegula, Bow-winged Tanmark

Emesis vulpina, Guatemalan Tanmark             

Emesis poeas, Checkered Tanmark  

Emesis fatimella nobilata, Sharp Tanmark

Emesis tenedia, Falcate Metalmark  

Emesis lupina, Little Tanmark                           

Emesis ocypore aethalia, Dark Tanmark

Emesia zela, Zela Metalmark              

Emesis ares, Ares Metalmark            

Emesis emesia Curve-winged Metalmark        

Emesis arnacis, Stichel’s Tanmark

Emesia cypria paphia, Orange-striped Tanmark             

Emesis toltec, Toltec Tanmark

Argyrogrammana stilbe holosticta, Dotted Metalmark

Pseudonymphidia clearista, Clearing Metalmark

Pseudonymphidia agave, White-trailed Metalmark

Pachytone gigas, Sun-and-moon Metalmark

Lamphiotes velazquezi, Brown-tipped Metalmark

Apodemia mormo, Mormon Metalmark           

Apodemia multiplaga, Narrow-winged Metalmark

Apodemia palmeri, Palmer’s Metalmark                          

Apodemia murphyi, Murphy’s Metalmark

Apodemia hypoglauca, Sealpoint Metalmark                

Apodemia hepburni, Hepburn’s Metalmark

Apdoemia walkeri, Walker’s Metalmark                          

Apodemia nais, Nais Metalmark                       

Apodemia phyciodoides, Crescent Metalmark

Lemonias caliginea, Pine-oak Lemmark

Thisbe irenea, Sailor’s Lemmark       

Thisbe lycorias, Fox-face Lemmark                  

Juditha molpe, Common Lemmark                    

Synargis mycone, Variable Lemmark                               

Synargis ochra, Dreamy Lemmark

Synargis nymphidioides, Greater Lemmark

Periplacis glaucoma isthmica, Falcate Grayler

Menander menander, Shining-blue Grayler

Menander pretus picta, Greenish Grayler

Calospila pelarge, Orange-inposted Grayler

Hypophylla zeurippa, Mexican Grayler

Hypophylla sudias, White-banded Grayler                    

Adelotypa eudocia, Tiny Adelo

Setabis lagus jansoni, Common Setabis

Calociasma nycteus, Brown-and-white Metalmark

Nymphidium ascolia, Creamy Hemmark

Nymphidium onaeum, Red-spotted Hemmark

Calicosama lilina, White-posted Metalmark

Behemothia godmanii, Giant Metalmark

Theope pseudopedias, Confused Theope

Theope pedias, Extroverted Theope

Theope devriesi, DeVries’ Theope

Theope barea, Brown-posted Theope

Theope cratylus, Scallop-patched Theope

Theope pieridoides, White Theope

Theope villai, West-Mexican Theope

Theope virgilius, Common Theope                  

Theope eupolis, Guatemalan Theope

Theope publius incompositus, Bell-banded Theope

Theope bacenis, Curve-lined Theope

Theope phaeo, Falcate Theope  


BRUSHFOOTS family Nymphalidae: 414


Snouts subfamily Libytheinae: 1


Libytheana carinenta, American Snout


Actinotes subfamily Acraenae: 6


Altinote ozomene, Lamplight Actinote           

Altinote stratonice oaxaca, Orange-disked Actinote

Actinote anteas, Doubleday’s Actinote

Actinote guatemalena, Guatemalan Actinote

Actinote lapitha, Pale Actinote

Actinote melampeplos, Bow-winged Actinote


Heliconians and Fritillaries subfamily Heliconiinae: 26


Agraulis vanillae, Gulf Fritillary        

Dione moneta, Mexican Silverspot  

Dione juno, Juno Heliconian             

Dryadula phaetusa, Banded Orange Heliconian

Dryas iulia, Julia Heliconian              

Eueides procula, Nonpassionate Heliconian

Eueides vibilia, Acting Heliconian

Eueides lineata, White-dotted Heliconian      

Eueides aliphera, Least Heliconian

Eueides isabella, Isabella’s Heliconian

Laparus doris, Dot-bordered Heliconian

Heliconius erato, Erato Heliconian

Heliconius hortense, Mexican Heliconian 

Heliconius hecale, Heart-spotted Heliconian

Heliconius cydno, Grinning Heliconian

Heliconius hecalesia, Five-spotted Heliconian

Heliconius sapho, White-patched Heliconian               

Heliconius sara, Sara Heliconian

Heliconius charithonia, Zebra Heliconian       

Heliconius ismenius, Tiger Heliconian

Philaethria diatonica, Green Heliconian             

Euptoieta claudia, Variegated Fritillary            

Euptoieta hegesia, Mexican Fritillary

Speyeria nokomis, Nokomis Fritillary              

Speyeria coronis, Coronis Fritillary

Speyeria callippe, Callippe Fritillary  


True Brushfoots subfamily Nymphalinae: 79  


Polydryas minuta, Dotted Checkerspot          

Polydryas arachne, Arachne Checkerspot

Chlosyne theona, Theona Checkerspot

Chlosyne cyneas, Black Checkerspot

Chlosyne fulvia, Fulvia Checkerspot               

Chlosyne leanira, Leanira Checkerspot

Chlosyne californica, California Patch                             

Chlosyne lacinia, Bordered Patch                    

Chlosyne definita, Definite Patch                     

Chlosyne hippodrome, Simple Patch               

Chlosyne melanarge, Black Patch

Chlosyne erodyle, Guatemalan Patch              

Chlosyne endeis, Banded Patch                       

Chlosyne marina Red-spotted Patch               

Chlosyne ehrenbergii, White-rayed Patch      

Chlosyne gaudialis, Gaudy Patch

Chlosyne janais, Crimson Patch       

Chlosyne rosita, Rosita Patch

Chlosyne kendallorum, Nuevo Leon Checkerspot        

Chlosyne gorgone, Gorgone Checkerspot     

Chlosyne nycteis, Silvery Checkerspot          

Chlosyne gabbii, Gabb’s Checkerspot

Microtia elva, Elf 

Dymasia dymas, Tiny Checkerspot

Texola elada, Elada Checkerspot      

Texola anomalus, Anomalous Checkerspot  

Phyciodes texana, Texan Crescent

Phyciodes ardys, Ardent Crescent  

Phyciodes tulcis, Pale-banded Crescent         

Phyciodes drusilla, Orange-patched Crescent

Phyciodes dracaena phlegias, Notched Crescent  

Phyciodes otanes, Cloud-forest Crescent

Phyciodes drymaea, Weak-banded Crescent

Phyciodes atronia, Brown Crescent

Phyciodes ptolyca, Black Crescent 

Phyciodes sitalces, Pine Crescent

Phyciodes nebulosa Blurry Crescent              

Phyciodes argentea, Chestnut Crescent 

Tegosa anieta, Black-bordered Tegosa  

Tegosa guatemalena, Guatemalan Tegosa   

Tegosa nigrella, Dark Tegosa           

Castilia griseobasalis, Gray-based Crescent

Castilia myia, Mayan Crescent         

Castilia ofella, White-dotted Crescent

Castilia chiapaensis, Chiapas Crescent

Castilia chinantlensis, Pie-slice Crescent

Castilia eranites, Smudged Crescent

Eresia clio, Creamy Crescent

Eresia phillyra Square-tipped Crescent

Phyciodes vesta, Vesta Crescent     

Phyciodes phaon, Phaon Crescent  

Phyciodes campestris, Field Crescent

Phyciodes picta, Painted Crescent

Phyciodes tharos, Pearl Crescent     

Phyciodes pallescens, Pale Crescent               

Phyciodes mylitta, Mylitta Crescent

Euphydryas chalcedona, Variable Checkerspot

Euphydryas editha, Edith’s Checkerspot

Polygonia interrogationis, Question Mark

Polygonia g-argenteum, Mexican Comma

Polygonia haroldii, Spotless Comma

Nymphalis antiopa, Mourning Cloak

Nymphalis cyanomelas, Mexican Tortoiseshell

Vanessa virginiensis, American Lady

Vanessa annabella, West Coast Lady

Vanessa cardui, Painted Lady

Vanessa atalanta, Red Admiral

Junonia coenia, Common Buckeye

Junonia genoveva, Tropical Buckeye

Junonia evarete, Mangrove Buckeye

Anartia jatrophae, White Peacock   

Anartia fatima, Banded Peacock       

Hypanartia godmanii, Splendid Mapwing      

Hypanartia lethe, Orange  Mapwing

Hypanartia kefersteini, Reddish Mapwing

Hypanartia dione, Banded Mapwing

Siproeta stelenes, Malachite

Siproeta epaphus, Rusty-tipped Page                                             

Siproeta superba, Broad-banded Page


Admirals and Relatives subfamily Limenitidinae: 101  


Adelpha bredowi, California Sister  

Adelpha diocles creton, Tailed Sister

Adelpha paroeca, Eyed Sister           

Adelpha nea sentia, Candle Sister

Adelpha paraena massilia, Bates’ Sister

Adelpha serpa celerio Celadon Sister              

Adelpha seriphia godmani, Dentate Sister     

Adelpha pithys, Pithy Sister

Adelpha donysa, Montane Sister

Adelpha fessonia, Band-celled Sister

Adelpha basiloides, Spot-celled Sister

Adelpha iphiclus Pointer Sister

Adelpha iphicleola, Confusing Sister

Adelpha ethelda, Ecuadorean Sister

Adelpha cytherea, Smooth-banded Sister

Adelpha salmoneus, Golden-banded Sister

Adelpha barnesia leucas, Stub-tailed Sister

Adelpha diazi, Mexican Sister

Adelpha naxia, Three-part Sister      

Adelpha malea fundania, Venezuelan Sister

Adelpha boeotia oberthurii, Felder’s  Sister

Adelpha delinita utina, Delineated Sister

Adelpha erotia, Stitched Sister

Adelpha phylaca, Cecropia Sister    

Adelpha lycorias melanthe, Rayed Sister

Adelpha leuceria, Orange-striped Sister

Adelpha leucerioides, Veracruz Sister

Adelpha erymanthis, Orange-leading Sister

Adelpha cocala lorzae, Orange-washed Sister

Adelpha felderi, Rusty Sister

Adelpha salus, Lost Sister

Adelpha milleri, Miller’s Sister

Limenitis arthemis Red-spotted Admiral

Limenitis archippus, Viceroy

Limenitis weidemeyerii, Weidemeyer’s Admiral

Dynamine ate, Little Sailor

Dynamine postverta, Four-spotted Sailor       

Dynamine theseus, White Sailor      

Dynamine dyonis, Blue-eyed Sailor

Dynamine artemisia, Small-eyed Sailor

Diaethria anna salvadorensis, Anna’s Eighty-eight     

Diaethria anna mixteca, Anna’s Eighty-eight

Diaethria astala asteria, ‘Colima’ Navy Eighty-eight

Diaethria astala astala, ‘Turquoise-spotted’ Navy E-e.

Diaethria bacchis, White-patched Eighty-eight

Diaethria pandama, Orange-striped Eighty-eight

Callicore tolima, Blue-and-orange Eighty-eight

Callicore lyca, Six-spotted Eighty-eight

Callicore pitheas, Two-eyed Eighty-eight

Callicore astarte, Blue-stitched Eighty-eight

Callicore texa, Yellow-rimmed Eighty-eight        

Bolboneura sylphis, Crinkled Banner

Epiphile adrasta, Common Banner

Epiphile hermosa, Beautiful Banner

Epiphile iblis, Blue-and-orange Banner

Temenis laothoe, Orange Banner                     

Nica flavilla, Little Banner  

Catonephele cortesi, West-Mexican Catone

Catonephele mexicana, Guatemalan Catone

Catonephele numilia, Stoplight Catone           

Nessaea aglaura, Common Olivewing             

Pyrrhogyra neaerea hypsenor, Leading Red-ring

Pyrrhogyra edocla, Complete Red-ring

Pyrrhogyra otolais, White-edged Red-ring    

Myscelia ethusa, Mexican Bluewing

Myscelia cyananthe, Blackened Bluewing     

Myscelia cyaniris, Cyan Bluewing

Eunica tatila, Florida Purplewing      

Eunica monima, Dingy Purplewing

Eunica alcmena, Dark Purplewing

Eunica malvina, Rayed Purplewing

Eunica mygdonia, Blind Purplewing

Eunica sydonia caresa, Plain Purplewing

Eunica caelina, Mottled Purplewing

Eunica volumna venusia, Blue-celled Purplewing

Eunica alpais excelsa, Shining Purplewing

Mestra amymone, Common Mestra

Biblis hyperia, Red Rim      

Hamadryas februa, Gray Cracker      

Hamadryas glauconome, Glaucous Cracker

Hamadryas julitta, Yucatan Cracker 

Hamadryas atlantis, Black-patched Cracker   

Hamadryas feronia, Variable Cracker

Hamadryas guatemalena, Guatemalan Cracker

Hamadryas iphthime, Brownish Cracker

Hamadryas fornax, Orange Cracker

Hamadryas amphinome, Red Cracker

Hamadryas laodamia, Starry Cracker               

Ectima erycinoides, Northern Crackerlet

Historis odius, Orion Cecropian       

Historis acheronta, Tailed Cecropian

Baeotus beotus, Graphic Beauty      

Colobura annulata, New Beauty

Colobura dirce, Small Beauty            

Pycina zamba zelys, Cloud-forest Beauty

Smyrna blomfildia, Blomfild’s Beauty                              

Smyrna karwinskii, Karwinski’s Beauty          

Tigridia acesta, Tiger Beauty            

Marpesia coresia, Waiter Daggerwing            

Marpesia harmonia Pale Daggerwing              

Marpesia corita, Orange-banded Daggerwing

Marpesia chiron, Many-banded Daggerwing

Marpesia petreus, Ruddy Daggerwing   


Leafwings and relatives subfamily Charaxinae: 45


Agrias aedon, Great Agrias

Agrias amydon, White-spotted Agrias

Archaeoprepona demophon, One-spotted Prepona     

Archaeoprepona demophoon, Two-spotted Prepona  

Archaeoprepona amphimachus, White-spotted Prepona

Archaeoprepona meander, Three-toned Prepona

Archaeoprepona phaedra, Falcate Prepona

Prepona deiphile brooksiana, Orange-spotted Prepona

Prepona dexamenus medinai, Least Prepona

Prepona laertes octavia, Feathered Prepona  

Prepona pylene philetas, Mottled Prepona

Anaea aidea, Tropical Leafwing       

Anaea andria, Goatweed Leafwing                  

Anaea eurypyle, Pointed Leafwing  

Anaea halice, Pear-winged Leafwing               

Anaea ryphea, Blue-barred Leafwing

Anaea nobilis, Noble Leafwing

Anaea glycerium Angled Leafwing 

Anaea moruus boisduvali, Laurel Leafwing

Anaea arginussa eubaena, Mottled Leafwing

Anaea perenna, Big-spotted Leafwing

Anaea forreri, Guatemalan Leafwing    

Anaea philumena, Orange-striped Leafwing 

Anaea pithyusa, Pale-spotted Leafwing

Anaea artacaena, White-patched Leafwing

Anaea hedemanni, Double-banded Leafwing

Anaea wellingi, Olive Leafwing

Anaea xenocles carolina, Corner-spotted Leafwing

Anaea mora orthesia, Godman’s Leafwing

Anaea neidhoeferi, Wavy-edged Leafwing

Anaea herbacea, Scarce Leafwing

Anaea oenomais, Boisduval’s Leafwing

Anaea proserpina schausiana, Great Leafwing

Anaea dia, Shining Leafwing

Anaea aureola, Aureole Leafwing

Zaretis ellops, Holey Leafwing         

Zaretis isidora, Cramer’s Leafwing

Zaretis itys, Skeletonized Leafwing  

Zaretis callidryas, Ghost Leafwing

Siderone galanthis, Red-and-black Leafwing

Siderone syntyche, Red-patched Leafwing

Hypna clytemnestra, Jazzy Leafwing

Consul fabius, Tiger Leafwing          

Consul excellens, Black-veined Leafwing

Consul electra, Pearly Leafwing


Emperors subfamily Apaturinae: 9  


Asterocampa celtis, Hackberry Emperor                         

Asterocampa leilia, Empress leilia                    

Asterocampa clyton, Tawny Emperor             

Asterocampa idyja argus, ‘Cream-banded’ Dusky Emp.

Doxocopa laure, Silver Emperor        

Doxocopa pavon, Pavon Emperor    

Doxocopa cyane, Cyan Emperor

Doxocopa laurentia cherubina, Turquoise Emperor

Doxocopa callianira, Guatemalan Emperor


Owl Butterflies and Morphos subfamily Morphinae: 20  


Caligo brasiliensis sulanus, Almond-eyed Owl-Butterfly

Caligo oedipus fruhstorferi, Boomerang Owl-Butterfly

Caligo telamonius memmon, Yellow-fronted Owl-Butterfly

Caligo uranus, Yellow-bordered Owl-Butterfly              

Dynastor darius, Bromeliad Owl-Butterfly

Dynastor macrosiris, Green-eyed Owl-Butterfly

Eryphanis aesacus, Double-spotted Owl-Butterfly

Mielkella singularis, Mayan Owl-Butterfly

Mimoblepia staudingeri, Brown-banded Owl-Butterfly

Opsiphanes boisduvalii, Orange Owlet

Opsiphanes cassiae, Linnaean Owlet  

Opsiphanes cassina, Split-banded Owlet

Opsiphanes invirae, Lowland Owlet

Opsiphanes quiteria, Scalloped Owlet

Opsiphanes tamarindi, Heliconia Owlet

Narope testacea, Brown Owl-Butterfly

Narope minor, Oaxacan Owl-Butterfly  

Antirrhea philoctetes casta, White-signed Morphet

Morpho helenor, Common Morpho

Morpho polyphemus, White Morpho

Morpho theseus, Short-tailed Morpho


Satyrs subfamily Satyrinae: 85  


Cithaerias pireta, Stoll’s Diaph

Pierella helvina incanescens, Red-patched Diaph

Pierella luna, Quiet Diaph                  

Manataria hercyna maculata, White-spotted Satyr       

Drucina championi, Blue-spotted Drucina

Eretris maria, Maria’s Satyr

Lymanopoda cinna, Zigzag Lyman

Oxeoschistus hilara, Dot-banded Oxeo

Oxeoschistus tauropolis, Starred Oxeo

Pedaliodes circumducta, Mexican Pedalio

Pedaliodes dejecta, Dejected Pedalio

Pedaliodes napaea, Guatemalan Pedalio

Cepheuptychia glaucina, Mexican Blue-Satyr

Chloreuptychia sericeella, Blue-topped Satyr

Cissia cleophes, Salvin’s Satyr

Cissia confusa, Confused Satyr

Cissia palladia,  Butler’s Satyr

Cissia labe, Rusty-spotted Satyr      

Cissia pompilia, Plain Satyr               

Cissia pseudoconfusa, Gold-stained Satyr     

Cissia similis, Stormy Satyr                               

Cissia themis, Nicaraguan Satyr

Cyllopsis clinas, Falcate Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis whiteorum, Black Gemmed-Satyr    

Cyllopsis hedemanni, Tailed Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis jacquelineae, Miller’s Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis caballeroi, Cowboy Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis steinhauserorum, Cloud-forest Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis guatemalena, Guatemalan Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis diazi, Guerrero Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis schausi, Schaus’ Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis pallens, Pallid Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis parvimaculata, Weak Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis suivalenoides, Big-eyed Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis suivalens, Dyar’s Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis pyracmon, Nabokov’s Satyr            

Cyllopsis pephredo, Big-spiked Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis nayarit, West-Mexican Gemmed-Satyr          

Cyllopsis pseudopephredo, Horsetail Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis pertepida, Canyonland Satyr                           

Cyllopsis hilaria, Patchy Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis dospassosi, East-Mexican Gemmed-Satyr

Cyllopsis windi, Stub-tailed Gemmed-Satyr       

Cyllopsis perplexa, Perplexing Gemmed-Satyr   

Cyllopsis gemma, Gemmed Satyr   
Euptychia fetna, Spiky Satyr

Euptychia hilara, Orange-cornered Satyr

Euptychia jesia, Transgressive Satyr

Euptychia rubrofasciata, Reddish Satyr

Euptychia westwoodi, Westwood’s Satyr

Forsterinaria neonympha umbracea, White-dotted Satyr

Hermeuptychia sosybius, Carolina Satyr

Magneuptychia alcinoe, Simple Satyr

Magneuptychia libye, Blue-gray Satyr           

Megneuptychia antonoe, Canopy Satyr

Megisto rubricata, Red Satyr

Paramacera allyni, Pine Satyr            

Paramacera chinanteca, Chinantlan Pine-Satyr

Paramacera copiosa, Oaxacan Pine-Satyr

Paramacera xicaque, Mexican Pine-Satyr

Pareuptychia metaleuca, White-banded Satyr

Pareuptychia ocirrhoe, White Satyr

Pindis squamistriga, Falcate Satyr   

Pseudodebis zimri, Variable Satyr

Pseudomaniola gigas, Orange-bordered Satyr

Satyrotaygetis satyrina, Wide-bordered Satyr

Splendeuptychia kendalli, Splendid Satyr

Taygetis inconspicua, Inconspicuous Ur-Satyr

Taygetis kerea, Little Ur-Satyr

Taygetis mermeria, Great Ur-Satyr

Taygetis rufomarginata, Rufous-margined Ur-Satyr

Taygetis sosis, Two-toned Ur-Satyr

Taygetis thamyra, Chocolate Ur-Satyr

Taygetis uncinata, Hook-lined Ur-Satyr         

Taygetis uzza , Deep-forest Ur-Satyr

Taygetis virgilia, Cramer’s Ur-Satyr                 

Taygetis weymeri, Gray Ur-Satyr

Yphthimoides renata, Renata’s Satyr

Zischkaia pellonia, Plateau Satyr      

Zischkaia lupita, Lupita’s Satyr

Cercyonis pegala, Common Wood-Nymph

Cercyonis meadii, Mead’s Wood-Nymph

Cercyonis sthenele, Great Basin Wood-Nymph                            

Cercyonis oetus, Small Wood-Nymph

Coenonympha tullia, Common Ringlet

Neominois ridingsii, Ridings’ Satyr

Gyrocheilus patrobas, Red-bordered Satyr    



Ticlears subfamily Ithomiinae: 36


Tithorea harmonia, Black-fronted Prestonian

Tithorea tarricina duenna, Variable Prestonian

Aeria eurimedia pacifica, Black-and-yellow Prestonian

Olyras theon, Rusty Ticlear              

Melinaea lilis, Heliconoid Ticlear

Thyridia psidii melantho, Clapping Ticlear

Mechanitis lysimnia utemaia, Confused Tigerwing        

Mechanitis menapis doryssus, Variable Tigerwing      

Mechanitis polymnia lycidice, Disturbed Tigerwing

Napeogenes tolosa, Tollhouse Ticlear

Hypothyris euclea valora, Common Ticlear

Hypothyris lycaste dionaea, Round-spotted Ticlear

Ithomia leila, Leila’s Ithomia                              

Ithomia patilla, Guatemalan Ithomia 

Hyposcada virginiana, Virginia’s Ticlear

Oleria paula, Paula’s Oleria                

Oleria zea, Bar-celled Oleria
Ceratinia tutia, Yellow-tipped Ticlear  

Callithomia hezia, White-leading Ticlear

Dircenna dero, Big-bordered Dircenna

Dircenna jemina, Geyer’s Dircenna

Dircenna klugii, Klug’s Clearwing                    

Episcada salvinia, Salvin’s Ticlear 

Pteronymia alcmena, Guatemalan Clearwing

Pteronymia artena, Pointed Clearwing

Pteronymia cotytto, Broad-tipped Clearwing 

Pteronymia rufocincta, Brown-rimmed Clearwing

Pteronymia simplex, Simple Clearwing

Pteronymia parva, Four-spotted Clearwing

Godyris zavaleta sosunga, Variegated Ticlear

Godyris nero, Fiddler’s Ticlear

Hypoleria lavinia cassotis, Fuzzy-spotted Ticlear

Greta andromica lyra, Curvy-veined Greta

Greta annette, White-spotted Greta 

Greta morgane, Thick-tipped Greta


Monarchs subfamily Danainae: 6


Danaus plexippus, Monarch

Danaus gilippus, Queen

Danaus eresimus, Soldier  

Lycorea cleobaea, Tiger Mimic-Queen

Lycorea ilione albescens, Clearwing Mimic-Queen

Anetia thirza, Cloud-forest Monarch


SKIPPERS family Hesperiidae: 738  


Firetips subfamily Pyrrhopginae: 23


Azonax typhaon,  Big-spotted Mytip

Myscelus amystis, Rusty Mytip

Myscelus belti, Cinnamon Mytip     

Myscelus perissodora, Chocolate-vented Mytip

Myscelus assaricus, Blue-and-orange Mytip

Pyrrhopyge chalybea, Orange-rimmed Firetip

Pyrrhopyge jonas, Wavy-edged Firetip          

Pyrrhopyge tzotzili, Chiapas Firetip

Pyrrhopyge phidias zenodorus, Red-headed Firetip     

Pyrrhopyge crida, White-banded Firetip

Pyrrhopyge mulleri, Red-spotted Firetip         

Pyrrhopyge erythrosticta, Dotted Firetip 

Pyrrhopyge hoffmanni, Freeman’s Firetip 

Pyrrhopyge araxes, Dull Firetip        

Elbella scylla, Red-collared Firetip   

Elbella patrobas, Blue-lined Firetip  

Parelbella macleannani, Maclean’s Firetip

Jemadia pseudognetus, Dot-collared Firetip  

Mysoria barcatus ambigua, Royal Firetip

Mysoria amra, Blue-collared Firetip 

Mysoria affinis, West-Mexican Firetip

Mysoria wilsoni, Wilson’s Firetip    

Amysoria galgala, Red-banded Firetip     


Spreadwing Skippers subfamily Pyrginae: 235


Tribe Eudamini: 153


Phocides polybius lilea, Guava Skipper      

Phocides belus, Beautiful Beamer

Phocides pigmalion, Mangrove Skipper         

Phocides urania, Teal Beamer           

Phanus vitreus, Musical Ghost-Skipper          

Phanus confusis, Confusing Ghost-Skipper 

Phanus albiapicalis, White-tipped Ghost-Skipper

Phanus rilma, Gapped Ghost-Skipper

Phanus marshallii, Common Ghost-Skipper

Udranomia orcinus, Horseshoe Skipper    

Udranomia kikkawai, Nervous Skipper

Drephalys dumeril, Sunset Paradise-Skipper  

Drephalys oria, Sunrise Paradise-Skipper

Hyalothyrus neleus, Dimorphic Skipper         

Entheus matho, Blushing Enskipper

Entheus crux, Mexican Enskipper

Proteides mercurius, Mercurial Skipper           

Polygonus leo, Hammock Skipper    

Polygonus manueli, Manuel’s Skipper                            

Epargyreus clarus, Silver-spotted Skipper

Epargyreus socus orizaba, Pepper-spotted Silverdrop

Epargyreus windi, Wind’s Silverdrop             

Epargyreus exadeus cruza, Broken Silverdrop               

Epargyreus aspina, Spineless Silverdrop

Epargyreus spina, Spined Silverdrop              

Epargyreus spinosa, Weak-frosted Silverdrop              

Epargyreus clavicornis gaumeri, Small-spotted Silverdrop  

Epargyreus brodkorbi, Dingy Silverdrop

Epargyreus deleoni, Stretched Silverdrop      

Chioides catillus albofasciatus, White-striped Longtail    

Chioides zilpa, Zilpa Longtail

Typhedanus undulatus, Mottled Longtail                     

Typhedanus ampyx, Yellow-lined Longtail

Typhedanus salas, Pale-lined Longtail

Polythrix octomaculata, Eight-spotted Longtail

Polythrix mexicanus, Mexican Longtail

Polythrix asine, Dark-spotted Polythrix

Polythrix caunus, Square-spotted Polythrix

Polythrix auginus, Hewitson’s Polythrix

Polythrix kanshul, Shuey’s Polythrix

Aguna asander, Gold-spotted Aguna             

Aguna claxon, Emerald Aguna         

Aguna aurunce, Knobby Aguna

Aguna coeloides, Ochre-striped Aguna

Aguna metophis, Tailed Aguna       

Aguna albistria, White-striped Aguna            

Chrysoplectrum epicincea, Butler’s Skipper   

Zestusa dorus, Short-tailed Skipper

Zestusa staudingeri, Cloud-forest Zesty-Skipper         

Zestusa elwesi, Mexican Zesty-Skipper          

Zestusa levona, Banded Zesty-Skipper          

Codatractus arizonensis, Arizona Skipper                      

Codatractus carlos, Rusty Mottled-Skipper

Codatractus alcaeus, White-crescent Longtail

Codatractus yucatanus, Yucatan Mottled-Skipper       

Cadatractus sallyae, Sally’s Mottled-Skipper 

Codatractus melon, Melon Mottled-Skipper  

Codatractus bryaxis, Tawny Mottled-Skipper

Codatractus cyledis, Fractured Mottled-Skipper

Codatractus cyda, White-bordered Mottled-Skipper

Codatractus uvydixa, Thorn-scrub Mottled-Skipper

Codatractus mysie, Valeriana Skipper

“Codatractus” hyster, Hysterical Skipper

Ridens crison, Many-spotted Ridens

Ridens mephitis, Mephisto Ridens

Ridens allyni, Allyn’s Ridens     

Ridens miltas, Mexican Ridens                         

Ridens mercedes, White-tailed Ridens

Urbanus proteus, Long-tailed Skipper            

Urbanus viterboana, Cobalt Longtail

Urbanus belli, Double-striped Longtail

Urbanus pronta, Interrupted Longtail

Urbanus pronus, Pronus Longtail

Urbanus esmeraldus, Esmeralda Longtail 

Urbanus evona, Turquoise Longtail 

Urbanus viridis, Rare Longtail    

Urbanus esta, Esta Longtail

Urbanus prodicus, Rosy Longtail 

Urbanus dorantes, Dorantes Longtail             

Urbanus procne, Brown Longtail                     

Urbanus simplicius, Plain Longtail

Urbanus teleus, Teleus Longtail      

Urbanus tanna, Tanna Longtail                                        

Urbanus doryssus, White-tailed Longtail

Urbanus chales, White-tipped Longtail          

Urbanus albimargo, White-edged Longtail    

Astraptes talus, Green Flasher         

Astraptes fulgerator, Two-barred Flasher

Astraptes fulgor, Argentine Flasher

Astraptes tucuti, Lilac-based Flasher              

Astraptes brevicauda, Short-tailed Flasher    

Astraptes egregius Small-spotted Flasher      

Astraptes apastus, Broad-banded Flasher     

Astraptes enotrus, White-spotted Flasher     

Astraptes janeira, Bronze Flasher                    

Astraptes megalurus, Long-tailed Flasher      

Astraptes alardus, Frosted Flasher                  

Astraptes gilberti, Gilbert’s Flasher

Astraptes creteus crana, Silvered Flasher                      

Astraptes latimargo bifascia, Green-headed Flasher

Astraptes chiriquensis, Chiriqui Flasher

Astraptes sp. nov., Costa Rican Flasher         

Astraptes anaphus, Yellow-tipped Flasher                    

Astraptes phalaecus, Pale-tipped Flasher

Narcosius parisi helen, Trojan Flasher

Narcosius colossus, Colossal Flasher

Naracosius samson, Strong Flasher

Narcosius nazaraeus, Steinhauser’s Flasher

Calliades zeutus, Near Banded-Skipper           

Autochton cellus, Golden Banded-Skipper

Autochton siermadror, Sierra Madre Banded-Skipper

Autochton pseudocellus, Sonoran Banded-Skipper    

Autochton cincta, Chisos Banded-Skipper    

Autochton vectilucis, Dark-fringed Banded-Skipper    

Autochton neis, Spiky Banded-Skipper          

Autochton longipennis, Narrow Banded-Skipper         

Autochton zarex, Sharp Banded-Skipper

Autochton bipunctatus, Two-spotted Banded-Skipper                               

Achalarus casica, Desert Cloudywing            

Achalarus tehuacana, Dark Cloudywing

Achalarus albociliatus, Skinner’s Cloudywing              

Achalarus toxeus, Coyote Cloudywing          

Achalarus jalapus, Jalapus Cloudywing

Thorybes pylades, Northern Cloudywing      

Thorybes mexicana, Mexican Cloudywing

Thorybes drusius, Drusius Cloudywing         

Cabares potrillo, Potrillo Skipper                        

Venada sp. probably undescribed,  Scarlet-eye

Cephise nuspesez, Funny Scarlet-eye

Cephise aelius, Longtailed Scarlet-eye                            

Cephise guatemalaensis, Guatemalan Scarlet-eye

Cephise mexicanus, Mexican Scarlet-eye

Bungalotis erythus, Spotted Scarlet-eye

Bungalotis midas, Golden Scarlet-eye

Bungalotis astylos, Freckled Scarlet-eye                        

Bungalotis qudratum, Lesser Scarlet-eye                       

Bungalotis milleri, Freeman’s Scarlet-eye

Dyscophellus nicephorus, Two-spotted Scarlet-eye    

Dyscophellus phraxanor lama, Blushing Scarlet-eye

Dyscophellus porcius, Fiery Scarlet-eye

Dyscophellus ramusis ramon, Plain Scarlet-eye            

Nascus phintias, Schaus’ Scarlet-eye                             

Nascus phocus, Common Scarlet-eye

Nascus solon corilla, Great Scarlet-eye           

Nascus broteas, Cramer’s Scarlet-eye             

Nascus paulliniae, Least Scarlet-eye

Ocyba calathana calanus, Yellow-rimmed Scarlet-eye

Celaenorrhinus monartus, Dotted Flat            

Celaenorrhinus fritzgaertneri, Fritzgaertner’s Flat         

Celaenorrhinus stallingsi, Stallings’ Flat         

Celaenorrhinus stola Elegant Flat    

Celaenorrhinus eligius, Stoll’s Flat  


Tribe Pyrgini: 182


Spathilepia clonius, Falcate Skipper

Cogia cajeta, Yellow-haired Pyramid-Skipper

Cogia cajeta eluina, Plain Pyramid-Skipper

Cogia calchas, Mimosa Skipper        

Cogia hippalus, Acacia Skipper        

Cogia caicus, Gold-costa Skipper                     

Cogia aventinus, Least Pyramid-Skipper

Cogia mala, Purple-washed Pyramid-Skipper 

Telemiades nicomedes, Dark Leafhugger

Telemiades epicalus, Golden Leafhugger

Telemiades megallus, Obscure Leafhugger

Telemiades choricus, Mexican Leafhugger

Telemiades avitus, Yellow-spotted Leafhugger

Telemiades amphion fides, Costa-spotted Leafhugger    

Mimia chiapaensis, Mexican Mimia

Arteurotia tractipennis, Starred Skipper                          

Mictris crispus caerula, Crisp Skipper

Polyctor cleta, White Enops

Polyctor enops, Brown Enops

Polyctor sp. nov., West-Mexican Enops        

Nisoniades rubescens, Purplish-black Skipper              

Nisoniades godma, Guatemalan Nison

Nisoniades laurentina, Dark Nison

Nisoniades ephora, Small-spotted Nison

Nisoniades castolus, Hewitson’s Nison

Nisoniades macarius, Variable Nison              

Pachyneuria liscisca, Obscure Nison

Pellicia arina, Glazed Pellicia              

Pellicia angra, Confused Pellicia       

Pellicia dimidiata, Morning Glory Pellicia                        

Noctuana stator, Red-studded Skipper

Noctuana lactifera bipuncta, White-haired Skipper

Windia windi, Wind’s Skipper

Eracon paulinus, Tear-drop Skipper

Myrinia raymundo, Tabasco Skipper              

Cyclosemia anastomosis, Northern Eyed-Skipper    

Bolla subapicatus, Pine-oak Bolla                    

Bolla orsines, Godman’s Bolla

Bolla cylindus, Checkered Bolla

Bolla saletas, Coppery Bolla                             

Bolla cybele, Veracruz Bolla

Bolla sonda, Evans’ Bolla

Bolla cyclops, Cyclops Bolla            

Bolla cupreiceps, Golden-headed Bolla

Bolla oiclus, Rounded Bolla                              

Bolla brennus, Obscure Bolla           

Bolla giselus oriza, ‘Orizaba’ Variable Bolla  

Bolla giselus guerra, ‘West-Mexican’ Variable Bolla

Bolla eusebius, Mauve Bolla                            

Bolla evippe, Salvin’s Bolla

Bolla zorilla, Shining Bolla

Bolla clytius, Mottled Bolla

Bolla fenestra, Oaxacan Bolla

Bolla solitaria, Solitary Bolla

Bolla litus, Many-spotted Bolla        

Staphylus ceos, Golden-headed Scallopwing                

Staphylus vulgata, Golden-snouted Scallopwing

Staphylus tepeca, Grizzled Scallopwing

Staphylus tierra, West-Mexican Scallopwing

Staphylus veytius, Chihuahuan Scallopwing

Staphylus mazans, Mazans Scallopwing                        

Staphylus ascalaphus, Mauve Scallopwing

Staphylus lenis, Steinhauser’s Scallopwing

Staphylus azteca, Aztec Scallopwing                              

Staphylus vincula, Mountain Scallopwing

Staphylus iguala, Bell’s Scallopwing                               

Diaeus varna, Camouflaged Skipper                

Gorgythion begga, Variegated Skipper

Gorgythion vox, Crab’s-claw Skipper                              

Ouleus cyrna, Hidden-yellow Zera

Ouleus bubaris, Pale-bordered Zera                                

Ouleus fridericus salvina, Geyer’s Zera                          

Zera belti, Gaudy Zera

Zera nolckeni, Barred Zera                                

Zera phila hosta, Unbarred Zera

Zera hyacinthinius, Bruised Zera  

Zera tetrastigma, Least Zera

Zera eboneus, Mexican Zera

Gindanes brontinus, Straight-edged Skipper                 

Gindanes brebisson panaetius, White-trailed Skipper

Quadrus cerialis, Common Blue-Skipper

Quadrus francesius, Chiapas Blue-Skipper                    

Quadrus contubernalis, Rufous-based Blue-Skipper

Quadrus contubernalis anicia, Rufous-based Blue-Skipper

Quadrus lugubris, Lugubrious Blue-Skipper                  

Pythonides jovianus amaryllis, Shining Blue-Skipper

Pythonides grandis assecla, Many-spotted Blue-Skipper

Pythonides proxenus, Black-topped Blue-Skipper

Pythonides limaea, Blue-spotted Blue-Skipper

Pythonides mundo, Oaxacan Blue-Skipper     

Pythonides rosa, Chiapas Blue-Skipper

Sostrata bifasciata nordica, Blue-studded Skipper        

Paches loxus, Brilliant Blue-Skipper

Paches polla, Guatemalan Blue-Skipper 

Atarnes sallei, Orange-spotted Skipper

Potamanaxas unifasciata, Starred Potom

Mylon lassia, Bold Mylon                 

Mylon zephus, Smoky Mylon                                          

Mylon salvia, Evans’ Mylon

Mylon maimon, Black-veined Mylon                              

Mylon cajus hera, Unbarred Mylon

Mylon pelopidas, Dingy Mylon                       

Mylon jason, Jason’s Mylon                                            

Carrhenes fuscescens, Closed-spotted Hoary-Skipper

Carrhenes calidius, Gentle Hoary-Skipper                      

Carrhenes canescens, Hoary Skipper                              

Carrhenes callipetes, White-ringed Hoary-Skipper                       

Zobera albopunctata, Colima Zober

Zobera marginata, Many-spotted Zober

Zobera oaxaquena, Oaxacan Zober

Milanion clito, Northern Clipper                       

Clito zelotes, Hewitson’s Clipper

Xenophanes tryxus, Glassy-winged Skipper  

Onenses hyalophora, Crystal-winged Skipper                               

Antigonus nearchus, Death-mask Spurwing

Antigonus erosus, Dusted Spurwing              

Antigonus emorsa, White Spurwing                               

Antigonus funebris, Funereal Spurwing

Antigonus corrosus, Royal Spurwing                             

Systasea pulverulenta, Texas Powdered-Skipper                          

Systasea zampa, Arizona Powdered-Skipper  

Systasea microsticta, Mexican Powdered-Skipper

Zopyrion sandace, Mexican Sandy-Skipper

Anisochoria bacchus, Northern Snout-Skipper                             

Aethilla lavochrea, Yellow-rimmed Ground-Skipper

Aethilla chiapa, Chiapas Ground-Skipper                       

Aethilla echina, Frosted Ground-Skipper                                        

Achlyodes mithridates tamenund, Sickle-winged Skipper           

Achlyodes busirus, Giant Sicklewing                              

Achlyodes pallida, Pale Sicklewing

Grais stigmaticus, Hermit Skipper                     

Doberes hewitsonius, Giant Dober  

Doberes anticus, Cloud-forest Dober

Doberes anticus sobrinus, ‘Mexican’ Cloud-forest Dober          

Timochares ruptifasciata, Brown-banded Skipper         

Timochares trifasciata, Five-banded Skipper

Anastrus sempiternus, Common Bluevent

Anastrus tolimus, Forest Bluevent  

Anastrus tolimus robigus, ‘Mexican’ Forest Bluevent

Anastrus meliboea, Teal-bordered Bluevent

Anastrus neaeris, Brilliant Bluevent

Anastrus virens albopannus, Austin’s Bluevent

Ebrietas osyris, Great Bent-Skipper

Ebrietas anacreon, Common Bent-Skipper

Ebrietas evanidus, Blurred Bent-Skipper

Ebrietas elaudia livius, Plain Bent-Skipper

Ebrietas sappho, Sappho Bent-Skipper

Cycloglypha thrasibulus, Aztec Bent-Skipper

Cycloglypha tisias, Ringless Bent-Skipper                     

Helias cama, Square Bent-Skipper    

Camptopleura auxo, Colombian Bent-Skipper

Camptopleura theramenes, Moire Bent-Skipper

Camptopleura oaxaca, Oaxacan Bent-Skipper

Theagenes aegides, Cloud-patched Bent-Skipper        

Chiomara asychis georgina, White-patched Skipper                    

Chiomara mithrax, Slaty Skipper                       

Gesta gesta invisus, False Duskywing            

Erynnis mercurius, Mexican Duskywing

Erynnis brizo, Sleepy Duskywing    

Erynnis juvenalis clitus, Juvenal’s Duskywing

Erynnis propertius, Propertius Duskywing

Erynnis meridianus, Meridian Duskywing                      

Erynnis scudderi, Scudder’s Duskywing                        

Erynnis tristis, Mournful Duskywing              

Erynnis pacuvius, Pacuvius Duskywing        

Erynnis funeralis, Funereal Duskywing

Erynnis afranius, Afranius Duskywing                           

Pyrgus scriptura, Small Checkered-Skipper

Pyrgus communis, Common Checkered-Skipper           

Pyrgus communis adepta, ‘Adept’ Common Checkered-Skipper

Pyrgus albescens, White Checkered-Skipper

Pyrgus oileus, Tropical Checkered-Skipper    

Pyrgus orcus, Disguised Checkered-Skipper 

Pyrgus philetas, Desert Checkered-Skipper                   

Heliopetes domicella, Erichson’s White-Skipper

Heliopetes ericetorum, Northern White-Skipper            

Heliopetes laviana, Laviana White-Skipper    

Heliopetes macaira, Turk’s-cap White-Skipper              

Heliopetes sublinea, East-Mexican White-Skipper       

Heliopetes arsalte, Veined White-Skipper      

Heliopetes alana, Alana White-Skipper          

Celotes nessus, Common Streaky-Skipper     

Celotes limpia, Scarce Streaky-Skipper

Pholisora catullus, Common Sootywing                         

Pholisora mejicanus, Mexican Sootywing

Hesperopsis alpheus, Salt Bush Sootywing

Hesperopsis libya, Mojave Sootywing


Skipperlings subfamily Heteropterinae: 32  


Piruna microsticta, Small-spotted Skipperling

Piruna penaea, Hour-glass Skipperling

Piruna cingo, Many-spotted Skipperling                        

Piruna ajijiciensis, Jalisco Skipperling

Piruna brunnea, Chocolate Skipperling           

Piruna purepecha, Highlands Skipperling

Piruna ceracates, Veracruz Skipperling

Piruna cyclosticta, Plateau Skipperling

Piruna dampfi, Bell’s Skipperling

Piruna gyrans, Grayish Skipperling

Piruna hafernicki, Chisos Skipperling              

Piruna jonka, Blurry Skipperling

Piruna kemneri, Gold-flocked Skipperling

Piruna maculata Sinaloan Skipperling

Piruna millerorum, Miller’s Skipperling

Piruna mullinsi, Streaked Skipperling

Piruna polingii, Four-spotted Skipperling                       

Piruna roeveri, Two-rayed Skipperling

Piruna sina, Fine-spotted Skipperling

Piruna sp. nov.,  Little Skipperling (from Chiapas)

Dardarina dardaris, Pale-edged Skipperling

Dalla bubobon, Ring-spotted Skipperling

Dalla steinhauseri, Cloud-forest Skipperling

Dalla ligilla, Black-barred Skipperling

Dalla dividuum, West-Mexican Skipperling

Dalla mentor, South-Mexican Skipperling

Dalla kemneri, Big-spotted Skipperling

Dalla lalage, Godman’s Skipperling

Dalla lethaea, Sunny Skipperling

Dalla faula, Dark-veined Skipperling

Dalla ramirezi, Gold-rayed Skipperling

Dalla nubes, Chiapas Skipperling


Grass-Skippers subfamily Hesperiinae: 297  


Synapte silius, Brazilian Faceted-Skipper

Synapte malitiosa pecta, Malicious Skipper

Synapte puma, Puma Skipper

Synapte syraces syraces, ‘Bold’ Faceted Skipper         

Synapte syraces shiva, ‘Faded’ Faceted-Skipper

Synapte salenus, Salenus Skipper

Synapte salenus silna, ‘West-Mexican’ Salenus Skipper

Zariaspes mys, Spade-marked Underskipper

Zariaspes mythecus, Mexican Underskipper  

Anthoptus inculta, Trailside Underskipper

Anthoptus insignis, Ferruginous Underskipper

Anthoptus macalpinei, Veracruz Underskipper

Vinius tryhana, Gold-washed Skipper

Vinpeius tinga, Blazing Skipper

Pheraeus covadonga, Etched Skipper

Corticea corticea, Redundant Skipper             

Corticea lysias, Guatemalan Brown-Skipper

Callimormus radiola, Radiant Brown-Skipper

Callimormus juventus, Parenthetical Brown-Skipper

Callimormus saturnus, Common Brown-Skipper

Callimormus corades, Felder’s Brown-Skipper     

Eutocus facilis, Plain Brown-Skipper

Virga virginius, Yellow-veined Brown-Skipper

Virga clenchi, Veracruz Brown-Skipper           

Eprius veleda, Bee-palped Brown-Skipper

Mnasicles geta, Frosted  Brown-Skipper

Mnasicles hicetaon, Gray Brown-Skipper

Methionopsis ina, Ina Brown-Skipper

Methionopsis typhon, Typhon Brown-Skipper

Mnaseas bicolor, Dull Brown-Skipper

Methion melas, Rusty Brown-Skipper

Thargella caura, Chocolate Brown-Skipper

Phanes aletes, Squiggly Brown-Skipper

Vidius perigenes, Pale-rayed Skipper            

Monca tyrtaeus, Violet-patched Skipper                   

Monca jera, Mexican Brown-Skipper

Nastra leucone, Auburn Brown-Skipper  

Nastra julia, Julia’s Skipper

Nastra neamathla, Nemathla Skipper             

Cymaenes alumna, Butler’s Brown-Skipper

Cymaenes laurelolus, Inky Brown-Skipper

Cymaenes odilia trebius, Fawn-spotted Skipper

Cymaenes fraus, Frosty-banded Brown-Skipper

Vehilius inca, Inca Brown-Skipper

Vehilius stictomenes illudens, Pasture Brown-Skipper 

Mnasilus allubita, Greenish Brown-Skipper

Mnasinous patage, Black-veined Brown-Skipper

Mnasitheus chrysophrys, Yellow-legged Brown-Skipper

Mnasitheus nitra, Violet-sheened Brown-Skipper         

Parphorus storax, Velvet-streaked Brown-Skipper

Parphorus decora, Decorated Brown-Skipper

Moeris striga stroma, Flag Skipper

Moeris hyagnis, Godman’s Skipper

Remella remus, Whitened Remella   

Remella rita, Rita’s Remella

Remella duena, Narrow-banded Remella

Remella vopiscus, Tri-stigma Remella

Lerema lumina, Overcast Skipper

Lerema accius, Clouded Skipper       

Lerema liris, Liris Skipper   

Morys valerius valda, Happy Skipper

Morys compta micythus, Rusty Skipper

Morys geisa lyde, Violet-studded Skipper

Papias phainis, Somber Skipper

Papias phaeomelas, Geyer’s Skipper

Papias dictys, Cheerful Skipper

Papias subcostulata, Jungle Skipper

Cobalopsis autumna, Autumnal Skipper

Cobalopsis nero, Nero’s Skipper

Cobalopsis zetus, Bell’s Skipper

Arita arita, Yellow-bellied Skipper

Tigasis simplex, Simple Skipper

Vettius fantasos, Fantastic Skipper

Vettius onaca, Black-spotted Fantastic-Skipper

Vettius coryna conka, Cloud-forest Fantastic-Skipper

Vettius argentus, Gold-rayed Fantastic-Skipper

Vettius tertianus, Blurry Fantastic-Skipper

Vettius lafrenaye pica, Two-toned Fantastic-Skipper

Vettius marcus, Peaceful Fantastic-Skipper

Thoon modius, Model Thoon

Justinia phaetusa norda, Salianish Skipper

Eutychide complana, Compliant Skipper

Eutychide subcordata ochus, Subcord Skipper

Eutychide paria, Gold-dot Skipper

Onophas columbaria, Blue-glossed Skipper

Naevolus orius, Yellow-ringed Skipper

Enosis immaculata, Immaculate Brown-eye

Enosis achelous, Ferruginous Brown-eye

Enosis matheri, Mather’s Brown-eye

Vertica verticalis coatepeca, Vertical Skipper

Vertica ibis, Ibis Skipper

Ebusus ebusus nigrior, Fascinating Skipper

Argon lota, Inert Skipper

Tromba xanthura, Yellow-washed Skipper

Damas clavus, Violet-washed Skipper

Flaccilla aecas, Milky Ruby-eye

Talides sergestus, Cramer’s Ruby-eye

Talides alternata, Bell’s Ruby-eye

Talides cantra, Evan’s Ruby-eye

Synale cynaxa, Black-veined Ruby-eye

Carystus senex, Blue-gray Ruby-eye

Carystus phorcus, Brown-and-gray Ruby-eye

Telles arcalaus, Yellow-spotted Ruby-eye

Cobalus virbius fidicula, White-patched Ruby-eye

Dubiella fiscella belpa, Yellow-striped Ruby-eye

Carystoides basoches, Mauve-washed Ruby-eye

Carystoides lila, Lila’s Ruby-eye

Carystoides escalantei, Puebla Ruby-eye

Carystoides abrahami, Abraham’s Ruby-eye

Carystoides floresi, Freeman’s Ruby-eye

Carystoides mexicana, Mexican Ruby-eye

Carystoides hondura, Honduran Ruby-eye

Carystoides sicania orbius, Old Ruby-eye

Lychnuchoides saptine, Golden-banded Ruby-eye

Perichares philetes adela, Green-backed Ruby-eye       

Perichares lotus, Lotus Ruby-eye

Orses cynisca, Yellow-edged Ruby-eye

Lycas argentea, Fantastic Ruby-eye

Saturnus reticulata tiberius, Skid-marked Skipper         

Quinta cannae, Mimic Skipper          

Sucova sucova, Yellow-legged Cynea

Cynea irma, Foggy Cynea

Cynea megalops, Lesser Cynea

Cynea diluta, Chocolate Cynea

Cynea cynea, Hewitson’s Cynea

Cynea nigricola, Chiapas Cynea

Cynea anthracinus, Yellow-bottomed Cynea

Rhinthon osca, Osca Skipper     

Mucia zygia, Black-dotted Skipper

Decinea decinea huasteca,  Winey Skipper

Decinea rindgei, Rindge’s Skipper

Decinea percosius, Double-dotted Skipper

Decinea lucifer, Lucifer’s Skipper

Decinea mustea, Musty Skipper

Oeonus pyste, Yucatan Skipper

Orthos lycortas, Blotchy Skipper

Orthos gabina, Gabina Skipper

Conga chydaea, Hidden-ray Skipper

Ancyloxypha arene, Tropical Least Skipper

Oarisma garita, Garita Skipperling

Oarisma edwardsii, Edwards’ Skipperling  

Oarisma era, Black-and-white-veined Skipper

Copaeodes aurantiacus, Orange Skipperling 

Copaeodes minimus, Southern Skipperling                    

Adopaeoides prittwitzi, Sunrise Skipper

Adopaeodes bistriata, Silver-rayed Skipper

Hylephila phyleus, Fiery Skipper  

Pseudocopaeodes eunus, Alkali Skipper

Stinga morrisoni, Morrison’s Skipper

Hesperia uncas gilberti, Uncas Skipper           

Hesperia juba, Juba Skipper

Hesperia comma, Common Branded Skipper

Hesperia woodgatei, Apache Skipper   

Hesperia pahaska, Pahaska Skipper                 

Hesperia viridis, Green Skipper

Hesperia lindseyi, Lindsey’s Skipper

Polites rhesus, Rhesus Skipper    

Polites carus, Carus Skipper   

Polites subreticulata, Reticulated Skipper

Polites sonora, Sonoran Skipper

Polites vibex, Whirlabout  

Polites sabuleti, Sandhill Skipper                     

Polites norae, Guaymas Skipper       

Polites puxillius, Parachute Skipper

Polites pupillus, Pupilled Skipper

Wallengrenia otho, Southern Broken-dash                    

Pompeius pompeius, Common Glassywing

Pompeius dares, Fiery Glassywing

Joanna joanna, Joanna’s Glassywing

Atalopedes campestris, Sachem

Anatrytone logan, Delaware Skipper

Anatrytone mazai, Glowing Skipper

Anatrytone potosiensis, Potosi Skipper

Anatrytone mella, Mella Skipper

Ochlodes sylvanoides, Woodland Skipper

Ochlodes agricola, Rural Skipper

Ochlodes samenta, West-Mexican Skipper

Paratrytone snowi, Snow’s Skipper

Paratrytone pilza, Evans’ Poan

Paratrytone polyclea, Godman’s Poan

Paratyrtone rhexenor, Spiked Poan

Paratrytone decepta, Deceptive Poan

Paratrytone aphractoia, Snowball Poan

Paratrytone kemneri, Dull Poan

Paratrytone olmitemensis, Guerrero Poan

Paratrytone raspa, Black-patched Poan

Paratrytone gala, Gala Poan

Poanes taxiles, Taxiles Skipper                         

Poanes zabulon, Zabulon Skipper    

Poanes inimica, Inimical Poan

Poanes melane, Umber Skipper                         

Poanes monticola, Evergreen Poan

Poanes niveolimbus, Cloud-forest Poan

Poanes benito, Freeman’s Poan

Onespa nubis, Nubis Skipper

Onespa sp. nov., Yecora Skipper

Quasimellana eulogius, Common Mellana                      

Quasimellana mexicana, Large Mellana

Quasimellana agnesae, Coastal Mellana

Quasimellana siblinga, Sibling Mellana

Quasimellana balsa, Blushing Mellana

Quasimellana mulleri, Mexican Mellana

Quasimellana aurora, Bright Mellana

Quasimellana nayana, Bordered Mellana

Quasimellana andersoni, Small Mellana

Quasimellana myron, Swarthy Mellana

Quasimellana verba, Evan’s Mellana

Quasimellana fieldi, Guatemalan Mellana

Librita librita, Librita Skipper

Librita heras, Omilteme Skipper

Euphyes vestris, Dun Skipper          

Euphyes chamuli, Chiapas Sedge-Skipper

Euphyes peneia, Guardpost Sedge-Skipper

Euphyes antra, Peruvian Sedge-Skipper

Euphyes ampa, Evan’s Sedge-Skipper

Euphyes canda, Thorn-forest Sedge-Skipper

Metron chrysogastra, Orange-headed Metron

Metron zimra, Olive Metron

Phemiades milvius, Bird-head Skipper

Atrytonopsis deva, Deva Skipper    

Atrytonopsis lunus, Moon-marked Skipper   

Atrytonopsis vierecki, Viereck’s Skipper

Atrytonopsis pittacus, White-barred Skipper

Atrytonopsis cestus, Cestus Skipper                              

Atrytonopsis edwardsii, Sheep Skipper          

Atrytonopsis frappenda, Honey-banded Dusted-Skipper

Atrytonopsis zweifeli, White-banded Dusted-Skipper

Amblyscirtes simius, Simius Roadside-Skipper             

Amblyscirtes anubis, Half-edged Roadside-Skipper

A. novimmaculatus, Immaculate Roadside-Skipper

Amblyscirtes exoteria, Large Roadside-Skipper            

Amblyscirtes cassus, Cassus Roadside-Skipper           

Amblyscirtes aenus, Bronze Roadside-Skipper             

Amblyscirtes oslari, Oslar’s Roadside-Skipper              

Amblyscirtes elissa, Elissa Roadside Skipper

Amblyscirtes folia, Fine-spotted Roadside-Skipper

Amblyscirtes raphaeli, Giant Roadside-Skipper

Amblyscirtes patriciae, Patricia’s Roadside-Skipper

Amblyscirtes fluonia, Flocked Roadside-Skipper

Amblyscirtes brocki, Brock’s Roadside-Skipper

Amblyscirtes tolteca, Toltec Roadside-Skipper  

Amblyscirtes nereus, Slaty Roadside-Skipper               

Amblyscirtes nysa, Nysa Roadside-Skipper  

Amblyscirtes eos, Dotted Roadside-Skipper

Amblyscirtes celia, Celia’s Roadside-Skipper                

Amblyscirtes phylace, Orange-headed Roadside-Skipper

A. fimbriata, Orange-edged Roadside-Skipper  

Amblyscirtes florus, Gold-flecked Roadside-Skipper

Lerodea eufala, Eufala Skipper  

Lerodea arabus, Violet-clouded Skipper 

Lerodea dysaules, Olive-clouded Skipper                      

Lerodea similea, Similar Skipper

Calpodes ethlius, Brazilian Skipper                  

Panoquina panoquinoides, Obscure Skipper 

Panoquina errans, Wandering Skipper

Panoquina ocola, Ocola Skipper

Panoquina hecebolus, Hecebolus Skipper                     

Panoquina sylvicola, Purple-washed Skipper                

Panoquina fusina, Evans’ Skipper                   

Panoquina pauper, Poor Panoquin

Panoquina evadnes, Nubby-banded Panoquin 

Zenis jebus janka, Purple-stained Skipper

Zenis minos, Dyar’s Skipper             

Tirynthia conflua, Confluent Skipper

Nyctelius nyctelius, Violet-banded Skipper                   

Thespieus dalman, Chocolate-marked Therra                

Thespieus macareus, Chestnut-marked Skipper 

Thespieus aspernatus, Ochre-marked Therra

Vacerra bonfilius aeas, Common Therra

Vacerra egla gayra, Guatemalan Therra  

Vacerra lachares, Godman’s Therra

Vacerra cervara, Steinhauser’s Therra

Oxynthes corusca, Coruscating Skipper

Niconiades incomptus, Half-tailed Nicon

Niconiades comitana, Yellow-striped Nicon

Niconiades nikko, Olive Nicon

Niconiades viridis vista, Three-spotted Nicon

Niconiades merenda, Four-spotted Nicon

Halotus rica, Rich Skipper

Halotus jonaveriorum, Burns’ Skipper            

Aides dysoni, Mimic-drop Skipper

Aides brilla, Squiggle Skipper

Xeniades chalestra pteras, Smiling Skipper

Xeniades orchamus, Aladdin’s Skipper                          

Saliana triangularis, Kaye’s Saliana

Saliana fusta, Fuzzy Saliana              

Saliana hewitsoni, Bronze Saliana

Saliana esperi, Perching Saliana

Saliana antoninus, Square-spotted Saliana

Saliana longirostris, Shy Saliana                      

Saliana salius, Sullied Saliana

Saliana saladin, Violet-tipped Saliana

Saliana severus, Dark Saliana

Thracides phidon, Common Mimic-Skipper

Neoxeniades scipio luda, Frosted Mimic-Skipper 

Neoxeniades molion, Green-faced Mimic-Skipper


Giant-Skippers subfamily Megathyminae: 25


Aegiale hesperiaris, Tequila Giant-Skipper

Turnerina mejicanus, Bell’s Giant-Skipper

Turnerina hazelae, Guerrero Giant-Skipper

Agathymus juliae, Julia’s Giant-Skipper

Agathymus hoffmanni, Hoffmann’s Giant-Skipper

Agathymus aryxna, Arizona Giant-Skipper     

Agathymus belli, Durango Giant-Skipper

Agathymus ricei, Puebla Giant-Skipper

Agathymus micheneri, Michener’s Giant-Skipper

Agathymus estelleae, East-Mexican Giant-Skipper

Agathymus stephensi, California Giant-Skipper

Agathymus remingtoni, Coahuila Giant-Skipper

Agathymus fieldi, Jalisco Giant-Skipper

Agathymus escalantei, Stallings’ Giant-Skipper

Agathymus comstocki, Baja Giant-Skipper

Agathymus dawsoni, Dawson’s Giant-Skipper

Agathymus rethon, Black Giant-Skipper

Agathymus indecisa, Guatemalan Giant-Skipper

Megathymus yuccae, Yucca Giant-Skipper                    

Megathymus ursus, Ursine Giant-Skipper

Megathymus beulahae, Broad-banded Giant-Skipper

Megathymus beulahae gayleae, Broad-banded Giant-Skipper

Stallingsia smithi, West-Mexican Giant-Skipper

Stallingsia maculosus, Manfreda Giant-Skipper

Stallingsia jacki, Chiapas Giant-Skipper


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