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Butterfly Life Cycle/History and Behavior

Life Cycle/History

Lyside Sulphur Ceraunus Blue Marius Hairstreak Gulf Fritillary
Mexican Silverspot Crimson Patch Pale-Banded Crescent Tropical Leafwing
Monarch Guava Skipper White-striped Longtail Brown Longtail
Turk's Cap White-Skipper Julia Heliconian Bordered Patch  



Orange KIte-Swallowtail (Expelling Liquid) Mudpuddling
(Various Sulphurs)
Sicklewing Skipers
(At Scat)
Southern Dogface
(Male Hovering)
Chestnut Crescents (Courting) Monarch and Queen Mating Queen Mating Behavior I Queen Mating Behavior by Doreen Martinez
Aberrant Queens      


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