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Family Hesperiidae

Spread-wing Skippers I

Spread-wing Skippers II
Giant Skippers

Whites and Yellows
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Spread-wing Skippers I - Subfamily Pyrginae

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Guava Skipper
(Phocides polybius)
Beautiful Beamer
(Phocides belus)
Mercurial Skipper
(Proteides mercurius)
Silver-spotted Skipper
(Epargyreus clarus)
Broken Silverdrop
(Epargyreus exadeus)
Hammock Skipper 
(Polygonus leo)
Manuel's Skipper
(Polygonus manueli)
White-striped Longtail
(Chioides catillus)
Zilpa Longtail
(Chioides zilpa)
Gold-spotted Aguna
(Aguna asander)
Emerald Aguna
(Aguna claxon)
Tailed Aguna
(Aguna magetophis)
Mottled Longtail
(Typhedanus undulatus)
Mexican Longtail
(Polythrix mexicanus)
Eight-spotted Longtail
(Polythrix octomaculata)
White-crescent Longtail
(Codatractus alcaeus)
Long-tailed Skipper
(Urbanus proteus)
Turquoise Longtail
(Urbanus evona)
Pronus Longtail (Urbanus pronus)
Esmeralda Longtail (Urbanus esmeraldus)
Double-striped Longtail (Urbanus belli)
Dorantes Longtail
(Urbanus dorantes)
Teleus Longtail
(Urbanus teleus)
Tanna Longtail
(Urbanus tanna)
Plain Longtail (Urbanus simplicius)
Brown Longtail
(Urbanus procne)
White-tailed Longtail
(Urbanus doryssus)
Two-barred Flasher
(Astraptes fulgerator)
Small-spotted Flasher (Astraptes egregius)
Frosted Flasher
(Astraptes alardus)
Gilbert's Flasher
(Astraptes gilberti)
Yellow-tipped Flasher
(Astraptes anaphus)
Coyote Cloudywing
(Achalarus toxeus)
Jalapus Cloudywing
(Achalarus jalapus)
Northern Cloudywing
(Thorybes pylades)
Potrillo Skipper
(Cabares potrillo)
Fritzgaertner's Flat
(Celaenorrhinus fritzgaertneri)
Stallings' Flat
(Celaenorrhinus stallingsi)
Falcate Skipper
(Spathilepia clonius)
Mimosa Skipper
(Cogia calchas)


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