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Erichson's White Skipper (Heliopetes domicella)

Compare to East-Mexican White-Skipper


Erichson's White Skipper

Starr County, Texas
May 23, 2009 (C. Traylor)


Erichson's White Skipper
(note dark and well-defined base)

Penitas, Hidalgo Co., TX
November 4, 2004 (B Bouton)


Erichson's White Skipper
(note dark forewing patch on leading edge near base, absent on other white-skppers)

Roma, Starr, Co., TX
November 4, 2004 (B Bouton)


(on the property of Armando Vela near Red Gate)

north of Edinburg, Hidalgo Co., TX
October 20, 2004 (B Carr)


Frontera Audubon, Weslaco, Hidalgo Co., TX
October 17, 2003 (L Cooper)

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