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East-Mexican White-Skipper  (Heliopetes sublinea)

Compare to Erichson's White-Skipper

East-Mexican White-SkipperEast-Mexican White-Skipper

Falcon Dam Arroyo, Starr Co, TX
November 4, 2007 (Bob Yukich)


East-Mexican White-SkipperEast-Mexican White-Skipper

Willow Lakes Trail, Santa Ana NWR, Alamo, Hidalgo Co., Tx
November 1, 2007 (Bob Yukich)


East-Mexican White-Skipper

National Butterfly Center, Mission, Hidalgo Co., TX
October 26, 2007 (Tom Pendleton)


East-Mexican White-Skipper

Falcon State Park, Starr Co., TX
October 16, 2007 (D Hanson)


First U.S. Confirmed Record! (shot along the Resaca Trail) (note blue-gray base color and two white fingers on forewing*)

Santa Ana NWR, Alamo, Hidalgo Co., TX
October 23, 2004 (Janet Rathjen & Benton Basham)

(Janet's pix of Benton's find)


(in garden just south of the Old Cemetery)

Santa Ana NWR, Alamo, Hidalgo Co., TX
October 27, 2004 (Dean and Sally Jue)


First U.S. Record! (image recovered from computer recycling bin!)

Frontera Audubon Center, Weslaco, Hidalgo Co., TX
October 22, 2004 (Kim Davis, Mike Stangeland)


  (note two white fingers on forewing)

La Estanzuela, Monterrey, N.L., Mexico
September 7, 2003 (M Quinn)


*Glassberg, J, 2007, A Swift Guide to the Butterflies of Mexico and Central America. Sunstreak Books, Inc.

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