Gil Quintanilla Biography




Raised on 80 acres of bottomland forest and old fields in southwestern Michigan, Bill's childhood activities revolved mostly around nature pursuits.  It was natural to major in biology and eventually to teach biological sciences courses in a Michigan college.  His greatest joy in teaching came from introducing students to nature, and he took his students as far afield as Costa Rica for month-long field biology excursions.  A life-long birder, Bill recently "rediscovered" butterflies and has become passionate about photographing them.  Though still serious about birding, he has found that finding new butterfly species is just as enjoyable, and that creating a beautiful image of a "lifer" butterfly is more exciting to him than placing a mark on a checklist next to a name.  Bill has photographed the majority of the butterfly species found in the USA.  He now resides in San Luis Obispo, California.


Bill Bouton was awarded ZipcodeZoo's Photographer of the Month of April, 2007.


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