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SEABA Meetings

Meetings are held at Tucson Botanical Gardens and are open to the public at no charge. They usually include slide presentations on topics related to butterflies. See Meetings for the upcoming schedule.

SEABA Field Trips

Field trips are scheduled frequently throughout the year. See Field Trips for regular scheduled field trips. We often add trips on short notice based on reports of butterflies seen and we announce them via email and through Field Trips. Join SEABA to find out more about SEABA and get on our email list for all upcoming field trips.

Butterfly Counts

Everyone is welcome to help with citizen science in action during Butterfly Counts coordinated through NABA by volunteers around the US, Canada, and Mexico. SEABA announces regional butterfly count dates and welcomes beginners and experts alike as we participate in these fun-filled day trips of discovery related to butterflies. See NABA Counts for the upcoming schedule.

American Butterfly Magazine

Beautiful full-color quarterly magazine on tropics of interest to butterfly enthusiasts is yours when you join NABA. Your membership in NABA includes membership in SEABA if you live in SE Arizona.

Butterfly Gardener Newsletter

Devoted to articles of interest to butterfly gardeners in North America, this quarterly newsletter is another full-color publication sent to all NABA members. Your membership in NABA includes membership in SEABA if you live in SE Arizona.

Membership Information

Southeast Arizona Butterfly Association (SEABA) is a local chapter of North American Butterfly Association (NABA) and is located in Southeast Arizona. SEABA is registered as a 501(3)(c) Charitable Organization.

NABA Membership: The annual $35.00 individual dues or the $45.00 family dues include membership in our local chapter, and in addition to SEABA's emails, events and field trips, NABA members receive two quarterly publications; American Butterflies, an educational magazine with many full color photos, and Butterfly Gardener. SEABA receives a share of your dues which assists us as an organization working to increase public enjoyment and conservation of butterflies. Please support us in this effort!

To join you may fill out the NABA enrollment form to mail in or you may join online. Both membership methods are available at:

Donate to SEABA

SEABA is a 501(3)(c) Charitable Organization.

Your charitable donation to SEABA will help us continue to provide eight evening programs per year, numerous field trips, supply prizes to young people doing research on lepidoptery, and other related projects. Here are some suggestions:


1. $25 pays the honorarium for a meeting speaker who is a Pima County resident.

2. $50 pays the honorarium for a meeting speaker who is a non-Pima County resident.

3. $75 covers the cost of one rental of meeting space at Tucson Botanical Gardens.

4. Donate any amount for SARSEF Science Fair prizes. SEABA awards prizes each winter based upon relevance to lepidoptery (elementary to high school).

5. Donate any amount for recurring SEABA expenses such as liability insaurance, postage, printing costs, and other non-glamorous essentials.


Please send your donation check to SEABA, P.O. Box 1012, Hereford, AZ, 85615, (or give it to any SEABA Board Member) and specify on your check what you want your donation applied toward. All donations to SEABA stay local unless you specify your donation is to NABA. We thank you for this valuable support!


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