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General Field Trip Information

Beginners are welcome on all field trips! Children accompanied by a responsible adult are welcome on SEABA field trips. Experienced members will share their butterfly knowledge and expertise with all field trip participants. A donation of $5 per person to benefit SEABA will be appreciated. Carpooling from the meeting place is encouraged and it is kind to share gas expenses. If high clearance vehicles are required for a trip, it will be noted in individual trip descriptions. Dress for the field with sturdy shoes, hat, sunscreen, and insect repellant. Bring your own water, snacks, and lunch. Close-focusing binoculars, cameras, and field guides will be helpful aids for butterfly observation and identification. Trips usually end mid-afternoon unless noted differently in individual trip descriptions.


Please be aware that:

    1. Collecting or netting is NOT allowed on SEABA field trips.

    2. Pets, with the exception of service animals, are NOT allowed on SEABA field trips.

    3. All field trip participants are required to sign SEABA's Trip Release form, which can be downloaded from SEABA Release.

    4. Please arrive a few minutes prior to the meeting time posted for trips to facilitate paperwork and introductions to other trip participants.

Our Southeastern Arizona Butterfly Checklist can be downloaded here. Please note that the SEABA checklist is copyrighted.


Local NABA Butterfly Counts are listed at NABA Counts

Field Trip Coordinator

The Field Trip Coordinator position for SEABA is currently vacant. (The Coordinator assists all trip leaders with  scheduling of field trips, helping to obtain permits when necessary, and assistance with any other forms/checklists.)


Please feel free to contact President Larry Fellows at rockpix@comcast.net if you wish to schedule a field trip anytime in the future for SEABA, if you wish to become a SEABA field trip leader, or the Field Trip Coordinator.


Scheduled Field Trips, 2016

(Local NABA Butterfly Counts that will occur during September and October are listed at NABA Counts.)


Saturday, October 29, 2016: Harshaw Creek Wash - Rabbitbrush

NOTE: The actual date of this trip may be changed by a week either way depending on the timing of the peak rabbitbrush bloom. Please check back here for the actual date, which will be posted as soon as we can determine the best date for the bloom.


Trip Leaders: Bill and Mary Adams


Meeting Places and Times:

1. 8:45 AM at the Fry's parking lot located at 8080 S. Houghton and Rita Roads. Please arrive a few minutes early in order to sign the SEABA waiver form and to run personal errands so that we can leave on time. 

2. Patagonia Butterfly Garden in Patagonia across the stree from Red Mountain Foods at 347 McKeown Avenue, Patagonia.


Trip details: This annual fun and exciting SEABA field trip generally produces many species in a small and easily accessible area. The rabbitbrush will be in peak bloom in Harshaw Creek. We expect to find multiple species of butterflies such as all three Ladies, various Skippers, Monarchs, Queens, Gulf and Variegated Fritillaries, Common and Tropical Buckeyes, and many other species including the possibility of one or two tropical strays.


We will make a short stop at the Patagonia Gardens in town, then proceed to a quick stop at Red Mountain Road, and then on to the rabbitbrush in Harshaw Creek Wash.


We will be walking in a wash/creek bed on semi-level but uneven terrain. Harshaw Creek Wash is very brushy, so long pants and long-sleeved shirts are advised. All roads are passable to passenger cars.


For further information on this trip, email Bill and Mary Adams or contact them by phone at (520) 574-6578.



Past Field Trips, 2016

Field trip reports are posted at Butterflies Seen.


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Wednesday, 08-31-16: Sabino Canyon "Butterfly Happiness" Posted


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Saturday, 08-20-16: Tumacacori BioBlitz (Special Event) Posted


Saturday, 08-06-16: Patagonia Posted


Tuesday, 07-05-16: Mt. Graham Posted


Saturday, 06-04-16 through 06-06-16: Payson / Flagstaff, AZ region Posted


Monday, 05-30-16: Madera Canyon Posted


Sunday, 04-03-16: NABA Butterfly Count, Sabino Canyon/Santa Catalina Mtns Posted


Saturday, 03-26-16: Pena Blanca Lake Posted


Sunday, 03-06-16: Pima Canyon Posted


Friday, 02-19-16: Sabino Canyon Tour de Mistletoe: Posted


Saturday, 02-13-16: Molino Basin: Posted.


Saturday, 01-16-16: Sabino Canyon trip: Posted.

2015 Field Trips

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Sunday 10-11-15: Arivaca Cienega - Monarch Tagging trip report: Posted.

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Saturday 08-22,23,24-15: White Mountains trip report: Posted

Saturday 08-08-15: Patagonia trip report: Posted

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Sunday 04-12-15: Pena Blanca Lake. Canceled due to rain.

Wednesday 04-01-15: Photography Workshop: Posted

Sunday March 29. NABA Butterfly Count, Sabino Canyon: Posted.

Saturday 03-14-15: Sabino Canyon: Posted.

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2014 Field Trips

Wednesday 01-08-14: U of A Rare Books, Prints & Manuscripts: Report now posted at Butterflies
Saturday 02-01-14: Molino Basin: Report now posted under Butterflies.
Sunday 02-23-14: Pima Canyon. Report now posted under Butterflies.
Saturday 03-8-14: Sabino Canyon. Report now posted under Butterflies.
Sunday 03-30-14: Pena Blanca Lake. Report now posted under Butterflies.
Saturday 04-05-14: Catalina Highway Bottom to Top. Report now posted.
Saturday 04-19-14: Ft. Huachuca Trip was cancelled due to fire.

Saturday 05-17-14: Catalina Mountains. Report now posted.
Saturday 05-24-14: Box Canyon. Report now posted.
Saturday 05-31-14 and Sunday 06-01-14: White Mountains, AZ
Saturday 06-14-14: Slaughter Ranch: Dragonflies, birds, and history. Report now posted.
Sunday 07-06-14: Mt. Lemmon
Report now posted.
Saturday 08-23-14: Mt. Graham – Swift Trail – Pinaleno Mountains. Report now posted.
Saturday 08-30-14: Jim Brock's Garden
Saturday 09-13-14: Turkey Creek
Sunday 10-12-14: Sycamore Canyon. Report now posted.
Saturday 10-18-14: Brown Canyon – Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. Report now posted.
Saturday 10-25-14: Box Canyon
Sunday 11-2-14: Harshaw Creek Wash
Sunday 11-9-14: Harshaw Creek Wash