New Jersey Moths

Royal Moth (Citheronia regalis) 7706

Family: Saturniidae

Subfamily: Ceratocampinae

Wingspan: 4.0-6.2 inches

Range in NJ: Southern and central counties north to Hunterdon, Morris, and Essex.

A U.S./Canada distribution map for this species is available here.

Flight Period: May-September, 1 brood

Larval Food Plants: Many species of deciduous trees.

Comments: Attracted to lights in small numbers. Females are larger than males. Magnificent later instar caterpillars are known as Hickory Horned Devils.

Regal Moth

Mount Olive, Morris County, NJ, 7/16/14.

Regal Moth

Third and fourth instar larvae are brown.

Regal Moth

Last instar of Regal Moth larva. The later instars are known as Hickory Horned Devils. Mature larvae are as fat as a good cigar or a cheap hot dog and can reach 5 inches in length.