New Jersey Moths

Pink-striped Oakworm Moth (Anisota virginiensis) 7723

Family: Saturniidae

Subfamily: Ceratocampinae

Wingspan: 1.5-2.5 inches inches

Range in NJ: Sparse records suggest that this species is primarily a resident of the Ridge and Valley and Coastal Plain.

A U.S./Canada distribution map for this species is available here.

Flight Period: Primarily June and July, 1 brood

Larval Food Plants: Oaks (Quercus)

Comments: Both sexes are active during the day, but females also fly at night and come to lights in small numbers. Rare and local in oak dominated forests. Males, which are smaller, have large translucent patches in forewings.

Pink-striped Oakworn Moth

Female, High Point State Park