New Jersey Moths

Nevada Buck Moth complex (Hemileuca nevadensis) 7731

Family: Saturniidae

Subfamily: Hemileucinae

Wingspan: 2.0-3.0 inches

Range in NJ: Known from 6 or 7 fens in southern and central Sussex County.

A U.S./Canada distribution map for this species is available here.

Flight Period: September into November, 1 brood

Larval Food Plants: In NJ apparently feeds on shrub willows (Salix spp.), Dwarf Birch (Betula pumila), and Shrubby Cinquefoil (Potentilla fruticosa) in the Ridge and Valley.

Comments: Also known as Fen Buck Moth. Closely related to Buck Moth. Adults of species are best identified by habitat and host plant use. Buck Moths are day fliers but some are also attracted to lights at night.

Nevada Buck Moth

Andover Twp., Sussex County, NJ, 9/25/06

Nevada Buck Moth

Mating pair, Sparta Twp., Sussex County, NJ, 9/30/12

Nevada Buck Moth

Laying egg rings, Sparta Twp., Sussex County, NJ, 9/24/06

Nevada Buck Moth

Early-stage larvae feeding on Dwarf Birch (Betula pumila), Andover Twp., Sussex County, NJ, 5/17/07

Nevada Buck Moth

Late-stage larva feeding on Shrubby Cinquefoil (Potentilla fruticosa), Sparta Twp., Sussex County, NJ, 7/12/15