New Jersey Moths

Buck Moth (Hemileuca maia) 7730

Family: Saturniidae

Subfamily: Hemileucinae

Wingspan: 2.0-3.0 inches

Range in NJ: Rather common, though local, in north Jersey but more widespread in the Pine Barrens.

A U.S./Canada distribution map for this species are available here

Flight Period: September into November, 1 brood

Larval Food Plants: Feeds on Scrub Oak (Quercus ilicifolia) mainly along ridgetops in the Ridge and Valley and Highlands, and in the Pine Barrens.

Comments: Also known as Eastern Buck Moth. Closely related to Nevada Buck Moth complex. Adults of species are best identified by habitat and host plant use. Buck Moths are day fliers but some are also attracted to lights at night.

Buck Moth

On Scrub Oak, Stokes SF, Sussex County, NJ, 10/8/13

Buck Moth

In defensive posture, Greenwood WMA, Ocean County, NJ, 10/28/07

Buck Moth

Egg rings, Delaware Water Gap NRA, Sussex County, NJ, 10/11/08

Buck Moth

Early-instar larvae feeding on Scrub Oak with frass from larvae above, Warren County, NJ, 5/27/15

Buck Moth

Late-instar larva feeding on Scrub Oak, Appalachian Trail, Sussex County, NJ, 6/27/10