New Jersey Butterflies

Dusted Skipper

Atrytonopsis hianna

Identification: Very small—FW >0.6". Sexes similar below. Above: FW and HW dingy brown with small white spots in FW. Female similar but with a variable number of more-prominent spots, including a white "bracelet." Below: HW very dark with violet dusting on outer part when fresh and a variable number of small white spots; some individuals may lack spots. White "bracelet" visible on leading edge of FW. Note bright white "eyebrow" and palps. Similar skippers: Female Zabulon Skipper has white outline on outer rim of HW below. Clouded Skipper HW below lacks white spots, and has 2 bands of violet frosting.

NJ Status and Distribution: Resident. Uncommon and local throughout.

NJ Range Map-Dusted Skipper

Habitat: Open, dry areas. Attracted to flower gardens.

Flight Period: One spring brood from late-May to mid-June. Extreme dates: North Jersey 5/11—6/20; South Jersey 5/6—6/2.

Larval Food Plants: Mainly bluestem grasses (Andropogon, Schizachyrium).

Overwintering Stage: Larva.

Best Locations: Flatbrookville, Wildcat Ridge WMA, Mountainside Park, Rt. 555 powerline cut in Millville WMA.

Comments: Has apparently disappeared from many sites.

Dusted Skipper

Mounts Mills, Middlesex Co., NJ, 5/29/10.

Dusted Skipper

Wildcat Ridge WMA, Morris Co., NJ, 5/11/12.

Dusted Skipper

Wildcat Ridge WMA, Morris Co., NJ, 5/12/12.