New Jersey Butterflies

Dion Skipper

Euphyes dion

Identification: Very small—FW 0.7". Sexes similar below. Above: Male FW has orange field with broad, dark trailing margin; a straight, narrow stigma with curved, hooklike mark attached to outer end crosses the orange field. Female FW is dark with small whitish or tawny marks. On both sexes an orange streak on the HW above mirrors the ventral pattern. Below: HW bright tawny with 2 lengthwise rays—a thick central ray that does not reach the trailing wing edge, and a thinner, less obvious ray along most of the inner wing margin. Similar skippers: On the larger Broad-winged Skipper the HW below has a single ray that is usually crossed by other marks. Aaron's Skipper (generally confined to vicinity of coastal marshes) is duller olive-brown on HW below, with a single, central pale ray.

NJ Status and Distribution: Resident. Uncommon to rare and local, especially on the Coastal Plain.

NJ Range Map-Dion Skipper

Habitat: Various kinds of open, sedgy wetlands, from calcareous fens to acid bogs, to brackish marshes.

Flight Period: One brood early July to mid-August, peaking in early to mid-July. Extreme dates: North Jersey 6/20—8/6; South Jersey 6/27—8/20.

Larval Food Plants: Sedges (Carex and Scirpus).

Overwintering Stage: 3rd-instar larva.

Best Locations: Great Swamp NWR, Hyper Humus WMA, Troy Meadows, Pigeon Swamp SP, Jamesburg CP, Franklin Parker Preserve, Tarkiln Bog, Tuckahoe WMA.


Dion Skipper

Male, Lafayette Twp, Sussex Co., NJ, 7/8/07.

Dion Skipper

Female, Fredon Twp., Sussex Co., NJ, 6/24/10.

Dion Skipper

Troy Meadows, Morris Co., NJ, 7/1/01.