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Monarch Guardians 2019

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Contents of the Monarch Guardians section

  • 2018 study and conclusions about responsible captive rearing
  • Video of Monarch Caterpillar eclosure
  • Video of Monarch Chrysalis formation
  • Video of Monarch Butterfly eclosure
  • Description of Monarch Guardian Program
  • Monarch Guardian Honor Roll

  • A 2018 University of Chicago study about captive Monarchs and migration prompted numerous articles in the spring and summer of 2019. This Youtube presentation by Rich Lund explains the study, its conclusions, and the mysteries that still remain.

    Monarch Caterpillar eclosure
    Watch a Monarch caterpillar hatching out of the egg.
         Video produced by Veronica Martin,
            Great Barrington, August 2020.

    Monarch Chrysalis formation
    Monarch Chrysalis formation
         Video produced by Erik Nielsen, August 2021.
              Monarchs raised by Seth Sweet.

    Monarch Butterfly eclosure
    Monarch Butterfly Eclosure
         Video produced by Erik Nielsen, August 2021.
              Monarchs raised by Seth Sweet.

    Monarch Guardian Program
    For butterflies in general, survival of egg to adult in the wild has been estimated to be about 2% to 8%. For many species, certainly including Monarch butterflies, there are many human activities that continue to be threats to butterfly populations.

                                               © Howard Hoople. Used with permission.

    However, whether it be for educational purposes, or for enjoyment, or to be fortunate enough to witness the miracle of metamorphosis, or for wanting to give a little bit back to the world, there are individuals and groups of people who care enough about Monarch butterflies to find eggs or caterpillars in the wild, to nurture caterpillars, to insure the safety of the chrysalises, and to release the butterflies back into the wild. These individuals and groups will be recognized as Monarch Guardians.

    This program is specific to eggs or caterpillars found in the wild and later released as adults back into the wild.

    Monarch Guardians will be listed on the Monarch Guardian Honor Roll on this website, and will receive a personalized certificate.

    If you are finding Monarch eggs or caterpillars, or if someone has given them to you to raise or has given you Monarch chrysalises to care for, and you have released Monarch butterflies back into the wild, you are eligible to be a Monarch Guardian.

    Once you’ve released one or more Monarch butterflies, please send me the following information:
    ** Name(s) to appear on the Honor Roll Listing and Certificate (for children and anyone else who wants to, please indicate age or age range)
    ** Town where your are raising Monarchs
    ** Address for mailing the certificate
    Additional details (where you found eggs/caterpillars, where released, etc.) are helpful but not necessary.

    Your information will be added to the
            Monarch Guardian Honor Roll for 2022
    and a Monarch Guardian Certificate will be sent to you.

    E-mail to:
                    (put Monarch Guardian in the subject line).
    Or mail to: Madeline Champagne, 7 Pond Ave., Foxboro, MA 02035
               (be sure to include phone number and return address).

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                                               © Howard Hoople. Used with permission.