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2021 Schedule - Field Trips and July Counts

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MA Butterfly Trips and July count schedules for 2021

      2021 Field Trips    (PDF)    (WORD)
      2021 July Counts    (PDF)    (WORD)

COVID-19 Guidelines for Mass Butterfly Club Trips and Counts

Note: These guidelines were last updated in January, 2021 and are subject to change.


  • Trips are held at the discretion of the leader. If a leader isnít comfortable and an alternate leader isnít found, the trip can be cancelled.
  • Leaders must be symptom-free and must not have had COVID-19, or contact with anyone with or suspected of having COVID-19, in the past 2 weeks.
  • Leaders must wear a mask.
  • Leaders are responsible for the group following the property guidelines of the site. These may include one-way trails, parking limitations, etc..
  • Group size is limited to 15, including leaders. Leaders can choose to set a smaller group size, especially if site parking is limited.


  • Group size is limited. Contact the leader by 5 pm the day prior to register and reserve your place on the walk or count and to learn the meeting location. Leader contact information can be found in the trip/count description.
  • Participants must be symptom-free and must not have had COVID-19, or contact with anyone with or suspected of having COVID-19, in the past 2 weeks.
  • Wear a face mask and bring hand sanitizer. Make every attempt to keep a social distance of 6+ feet and take turns to photograph butterflies.
  • If you need a mask break or a water break, move to a location thatís far away from the group.
  • Do not share rides with anyone who isnít part of your household group or quarantine pod.
  • Respect property guidelines, e.g. one-way trails, parking limitations, etc..
  • Enjoy the socially-distanced butterflies!

All field trips (including NABA counts) are open to anyone interested in learning about butterflies. On our field trips we strive to look for butterflies without harming them. Butterfliers also socialize and have fun on field trips! And along the way, we can raise public awareness about butterflies.

NABA Counts are field trips that have the additional purpose of gathering data that will help us monitor butterfly populations over many years. Data collection for the counts is a little more precise, and the counts focus on both the same time of year and the same specific geographic areas year after year. They also record the number of observers participating. Often counts take longer than other field trips, and some of them include a get-together at the end of the day to discuss findings and share a meal.

NABA suggestions for improving observations on butterfly counts
Link to NABA butterfly count page

Hunting Season - Please be aware of the different hunting seasons in Massachusetts. It is a good idea to wear a bright orange vest or jacket when you are in the field during hunting season.
Below is a link to the Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife web page which has links to the different hunting seasons.

Checklist for field trips:

CALL AHEAD: In consideration for the field trip leader, call ahead to say that you plan to attend, to confirm meeting time and place, to find out how long the trip will be (i.e. should you bring lunch, etc.), to check for changes in plan, and to check for a rain date.

Tips: Bring binoculars, hand lens, field guide(s), sunscreen, water, hat, insect repellant, allergy medicines, snacks and/or lunch, pen/pencil & small pad for recording, camera. Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy walking shoes. Be prepared to have a really good time!

Guidelines for field trips:

  • Netting is not allowed.
  • Do not trample the habitat, particularly the host and nectar plants.
  • Photographers should allow everyone to see the butterfly before moving in to take pictures.
  • Make every effort to see that others see the butterflies that you find.
  • Dogs (except for service dogs) are not allowed.
  • Alcohol and illicit drugs are not allowed.
  • No loud music is allowed.

Butterflying Code of Ethics