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More Information

Our local chapter's focus is on fostering the enjoyment of watching and identifying butterflies in the field. Activities in the coming year will include:

  • Field trips in spring and summer
  • Official "4th of July" butterfly counts in Eugene-Springfield and in the central Cascades
  • Presentations by local and regional experts on butterfly ecology, butterfly watching and butterfly identification

See our Early Chapter History.

You can find out more about the national NABA on their website.

Our local chapter of NABA was formed on October 24, 2000.

At our fall meeting in October, 2015 we elected new NABA-ES chapter officers:

  • Alison Center, President
  • Lois Hagen, Vice President, Science & Education Chair
  • Linda Cummens, Secretary
  • Lori Humphreys, Treasurer, Sales Manager - T-shirts, Booth
  • Donald Gudehus, Web Master, Communicator, and Membership Chairman
  • David Hagen, Media Advertising, Fieldtrips, and Surveys
  • Rick Ahrens, Naturalist Emeritus

If you are interested in our activities, please join us!

To get on our mailing list, contact the webmaster at:

Golden hairstreak (Photo: N. Bjorklund).

Page design: Neil Björklund and Donald Gudehus.

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