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2010 Field Trips and Events

Saturday, May 8
Avid Gardeners Plant Sale at Alton Baker Park
Join us for the plant sale with lovely garden sculptures and decorations for your garden. We will be giving out info on Gardening with Native Plants for Butterflies. Outfit yourself for summer adventures with NABA's newest T-Shirt with Western Tiger Swallowtails. It will be available in youth and adult sizes. Take along our butterfly books as well: our Field Guide and Where to Find Butterflies in Lane Co. Hope to see you there. This is our first time at this festival.

Sunday, May 9
Open House at Butterfly Plant Garden, Noon to 5 pm
As part of the Native Plant Garden Tour, we are cooperating with NPSO to show our garden of Butterfly plants: more than 50 species of host and nectar plants for the butterflies of the Southern Willamette Valley. It is located just off the Amazon Parkway at High Street and 27th in front of the Amazon Community Garden. Plants are labeled and a volunteer will be available to help with identification. Lists of Native Plants for Butterflies, Bees, and Hummingbirds will be available.

Sunday, May 16
Wild Flower Show at the Arboretum, 10 am to 5 pm
To celebrate Spring: enjoy wildflowers and the plant sale. Then visit the NABA Eugene/Springfield booth. Prepare yourself for butterfly adventures with our two books: Finding Lane Co. Butterflies and the Field Guide to Butterflies of Lane Co. Our newest T-shirt with Western Tiger Swallowtails comes in delicious colors, sized for women, men and youths (new by request). Please join us for the spring show.

Saturday, May 29
Walkin' and Rollin' in the Wetlands
This is the 4th annual Walkin' and Rollin' sponsored by WREN to celebrate National Wetlands Month. While enjoying strolling, bicycling with wetland views, you will also find learning activities for adults and children. Visit John Hogan, who will be staffing our booth, to talk about Monarchs. Visit the NABA booth along the path, with your family, from 10 am - 2 pm on the Fern Ridge bike path between Beltline and Greenhill.

Special Program Offered in Cottage Grove

Saturdays May 15, June 19, and July 17 - The Beautiful Butterflies, a three part program, will be presented in Cottage Grove in cooperation with Lane Community College by NABA officers John Hogan and Alison Center with Linea Lindberg. The first two classes will be held at Lane CC in Cottage Grove at 1275 S. River Rd. (adjacent to C. G. High School). LCC's phone number is 541-942-4202. Please call to register. The third part is a field trip to Elkton butterfly garden. A donation of $10 for two classes and field trip is suggested for the benefit of Elkton Community Education Center and NABA.

Part I, May 15, 1-3 pm - John Hogan will show The Incredible Journey of Butterflies an excellent film about Monarchs and the phenomenon of Monarch Migration. Linnea Lindberg will discuss her experience of many years in Monarch rearing. All participants will receive a pot of Milkweed for their garden.

Part II, June 19, 1-3 pm - Alison Center, NABA officer, formerly of Forest Service and BLM, in conjunction with Linnea Lindberg present Monarchs and Other Beautiful Butterflies of Lane Co. Expect a talk, with photos, about the wonderful butterflies you can find locally, what plants they need, and how you can help them increase. Questions about classes: John Hogan, 541-767-9793, email: gopherjohnh@msn.com.

Part III, July 17 - Elkton Butterfly Garden: A Field trip will be conducted by John Hogan to visit Elkton to tour the Butterfly Garden there. The Elkton Community Education Center sponsors the rearing and release of Monarchs in conjunction with their garden of butterfly plants both native and exotic. You are guaranteed to see and experience Monarchs in many stages. This is a colorful, exceptional garden with high school students as tour guides and managers of the book store and coffee shop. Details for the trip to Elkton will be arranged at the second class. Questions: John Hogan, 541-767-9793, email: gopherjohnh@msn.com.

Sunday, May 30
Spring Butterflies of the West Eugene Wetlands, 1 pm to 4 pm

Join Rick Ahrens and Alison Center, both experienced naturalists, to explore for butterflies. In warmth and sunshine they will highlight the butterflies seen. Even in less favorable weather, there is much to learn about our wetlands areas. Certainly there will be birds who will be heard, seen and identified. Join us for these spring-time wanderings which are part of WREN's celebration of Wetlands month. Email WREN at hmcrae@wewetlands.org to register. Meet at the Red House by 1 pm for an adventure in the wetlands. (The Red House or The West Eugene Wetlands Project office is located on the NE corner of W. 11th and Danebo, behind the Hertz car sales lot.)

Saturday, June 26
Eugene Fourth of July Butterfly Count
The first of our two butterfly counts will be lead by NABA officers Donald Gudehus and Ellie Ryan The count groups will explore for butterflies in the West Eugene Wetlands, Mt. Pisgah, Spencer's Butte, Bufford Park, and more. All are welcome to participate in the count. Experts will be available in each group. Beginners are encouraged to join this learning experience in butterfly identification, while enjoying good company. We will meet at the Campbell Senior Center parking lot (155 High St., Eugene) at 9:00 am. There is a $3 donation requested to support conservation activities of National NABA. Please pre-register by calling Ellie at 541-684-8973 or emailing her at woodnymph3000@gmail.com. IMPORTANT: Rain date is Sunday, June 27.

Thurssday, July 15 (New Date!)
Metolius Seeps and Prairies
We are fortunate to be guided on this trip by Susan Anderson who is an entomologist and naturalist who lives in Sisters. She knows, and has access to all the special places where butterflies reside in the warmth of Eastern Oregon. We can expect to see many butterflies special to that area including several Fritillaries, Checkerspots, Sulphurs, Milbert's Tortoiseshells, Great Arctics, and Indra Swallowtails. Another title for this hike could be Sorting Out the Blues because 7 or 8 species are anticipated. We will meet at the Campbell Senior center (155 High St. Eugene) at 8 am. This early start is needed to arrange car pools and drive to Sisters. To register call Ellie at 541-684-8973 or email her at woodnymph3000@gmail.com.

Saturday, July 17 (New Date!)
Mary's Peak - The Queen of the Coast Range
NABA members, Randy and Pam Comelo will be our guides for exploration in their home grounds of Mary's Peak. NABA officers and possibly Gary Pearson will help lead with butterfly identification. Mary's Peak is renowned in the coast range for its diversity of plants. In its wildflower meadows and woodland edges, butterflies can be abundant. With sun we can expect to see perhaps 20 species of butterflies and swirls of blues. We'll meet at 8am at the Campbell Senior Center (155 High St., Eugene) to arrange carpools to drive to Corvallis. Local Corvallis residents will arrange a meeting place when registering. For everyone should pre-register by calling Ellie at 541-684-6873 or emailing her at woodnymph3000@gmail.com.

Saturday, July 24
Fourth of July Butterfly Count: Browder Ridge, Iron Mt., and Cone Pk.
Our annual count in the meadows of the central Cascades each year finds almost 40 species and hundreds of individual butterflies. Two or three groups will visit a number of sites with trails ranging from moderately difficult to easy, depending on your choice of location. All are welcome to participate in learning about butterfly identification while enjoying good company and stunning mountain vistas. Meet at Campbell Senior Center (155 High St. Eugene) at 8 am. There is a requested donation of $3 to participate which supports NABA's national advocacy for butterflies. To register call or email Ellie at 541-684-8973 or woodnymph3000@gmail.com, respectively. IMPORTANT: If El Nino brings exceptionally hot weather and flowers are drying out we have the option of an earlier count in the Cascades of July 17.




















Browder Ridge: Forest Roads 15 and 1506, July 24, 2010 - #1 The Elegant Sheep Moth (Hemileuca eglanterina) caught and held by Rick Ahrens, #2 The Variable Checkerspot aka Chalcedona Checkerspot aka Snowberry Checkerspot (Euphydryas chalcedona colon), #3 Anna's Blue (Lycaeides anna ricei), #4 Nelson's Juniper Hairstreak aka The Cedar Hairstreak (Callophrys gryneus nelsoni), #5 Clodius Parnassian (Parnassius clodius claudianus), #6 Male and Female Pacific Dotted Blue (Euphilotes e. enoptes), #7 Male Boisduval's Blue (Plebejus i. icarioides), #8 The Variable Checkerspot (Euphydryas chalcedona colon), #9 Female Mylitta Crescent (Phyciodes m. mylitta), #10 Sheridan's Hairstreak (Callophrys sheridanii newcomeri), #11 The Silvery Blue (Glaucopsyche lygdamus columbia), #12 The Great Arctic (Oenis nevadensis nevadensis), #13 Female Western White (Pontia o. occidentalis), #14 Unidentified Sweat Bee on Rick Ahrens, #15 The Persius Duskywing (Erynnis persius), #16 The Pacific Dotted Blue (Euphilotes e. enoptes), #17 The Acmon Blue (Plebejus a. acmon), #18 The Orange Sulphur (Colias eurytheme), #19 Male Hoffmann's Checkerspot (Chlosyne hoffmanni segregata), #20 The Variable Checkerspot (dorsal side looks like Euphydryas chalcedona paradoxa). Photos by Donald Gudehus.

Friday, August 13
Groundhog Mountain Butterfly and Plant Trip
The Middle Fork Ranger District will be offering a trip up to Groundhog Mountain Friday, August 13th. Meet at the Middle Fork Ranger Station at 9am. Molly Juillerat and Tanya Harvey will be co-leading the trip. For more info and to sign up, e-mail Molly at mjuillerat@fs.fed.us. Registration is limited. We could probably also have a meeting spot at the Lowell Covered Bridge park at 8:30 am.

Groundhog Mountain is a terrific place for roadside botanizing and butterfly watching. There are no trails and any hiking will be limited to walking along the road or into a wet meadow. A plant list is available on Tanya's website at http://westerncascades.com/plant-lists. Neil Björklund andTanya once saw 35 species of butterflies up there. You'll love it!

The WA Butterfly Association is inviting Eugene/Springfield NABA members to join them in their annual meeting held this year in Leavenworth, WA , in conjunction with the Lepidopterist Society of North America. The dates of this conference/field trips are Friday through Sunday July 9-July 11. See WA Butterfly Association website for further details. John and Ellie went last year and enjoyed themselves greatly.

Susan Anderson of Sisters (who is our NABA buzz manager for the National website as well as the Naturalist coordinator with her husband for Sisters) is also inviting us to join in her counts in Eastern Oregon. Their Ochoco count is scheduled for June 26 and the Metolius count will be on July 9. Please contact her at sue@northwestnaturalist.net to arrange joining either or both of these groups.

Important Note to Field Trip Participants

Field trips may take place in rough or slippery terrain, so proper dress and footwear are essential. NABA field trips may be strenuous or hazardous. Participation is at your own risk. Be prepared to sign a release form indicating this. You can view a sample copy of the release form (PDF format*). All NABA field trips are open to the public, and newcomers and visitors are always welcome. If registering by email, please include your name and phone number in the email message.

All field trip leaders are expected to follow the NABA-ES field trip guidelines.

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