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2007 Field Trips and Events

Sunday, May 20
Mt. Pisgah Wildflower Festival
To celebrate the spring: enjoy wildflowers and the plant sale, then visit the NABA Eugene-Springfield booth. Prepare yourself for butterfly adventures with our books: the Butterflies of Lane County field guide and Where to Find Butterflies in Lane County. Also available are beautiful T-shirts for summer by Tanya Harvey, and information about butterfly nectar and host plants for your gardening.

Saturday, June 2
Wheeling Through the Wetlands

NABA will be represented with a booth and we will hand out our literature about butterfly gardens. Our Butterfly and Finding guides will also be available. Enjoy cycling in the wetlands and visit us there.

NABA members at Willow Creek PreserveWest Eugene Wetlands Field Trip, June 2, 2007

Saturday, June 2
Spring butterflies of the West Eugene Wetlands

Late spring is an excellent time to observe butterflies and wildflowers in the West Eugene Wetlands. This will be a leisurely 3-hour field trip led by Eric Wold, West Eugene Wetlands Supervisor and NABA-ES co-founder. Meet at the BLM West Eugene Wetlands Office at 751 S. Danebo at 1:00 pm. Space is limited to 15 people. Pre-registration required. To pre-register, call Ellie Ryan at 684-8973, or email her at woodnymph3000@gmail.com.

Because of the popularity of this trip, Rick Ahrens led a second group, beginning in the nearby Willow Creek Preserve owned by the Nature Conservancy. The following species were observed in Eric Wold's group: Western Tiger Swallowtail, Pale Swallowtail, Cabbage White, Orange Sulphur, Western Tailed Blue, Eastern Tailed blue, Fender's blue, Field Crescent, Mylitta Crescent, Lorquin's Admiral, Ochre Common Ringlet, Dunn Skipper, California Sister, and Sonora Skipper.

NABA members at Mardon Skipper siteSoda Mt. Field Trip, June 11, 2007

Sunday, June 10 and Monday, June 11
Soda Mt. Butterflies and Mardon Skippers

Dixie Mauer-Clemons has been able to arrange with the BLM in Ashland for NABA-ES to visit on Monday, at a unique site in Oregon containing the rare Mardon Skipper. We will visit other sites in the Soda Mt. Monument which is known for its great diversity. Possibilities exist in this unusual trip for over-nighting on Sunday or leaving very early on Monday to be at the BLM Site, about 1 hour from Ashland, by 10:00 am. Camping locations or the Green Springs Inn are available choices for accommodations. Space is limited to 12 people. Pre-registration is required. To pre-register call Dixie at 343-3028, or email her, with "Mardon Skipper Trip" in the subject line, at mcconsult2000@yahoo.com.

Saturday, June 30 (Rain date Sunday, July 1)
Fourth of July Butterfly Count for Eugene-Springfield
The first of our two butterfly counts will be led by Eugene officers Ellie Ryan and Donald Gudehus. The count teams will explore for butterflies in Mt. Pisgah, the West Eugene Wetlands, Spencer Butte, and more. All are welcome to participate in the count. Butterfly experts are available in each group. Beginners are encouraged to join this learning experience in butterfly identification, while enjoying good company. We'll meet at the Campbell Senior Center parking lot (155 High St., Eugene) at 9:00 am. Pre-registration is required and there is a $3 fee for participants which supports activities of national NABA. To pre-register, please call Ellie Ryan at 541-684-8973, or email her at woodnymph3000@gmail.com.

Edith's Checkerspot
Edith's Checkerspot on Bohemia Mt., July 7, 2007

Saturday, July 7
Bohemia Mountain

We are excited to offer a field trip to the Bohemia Mt, area, one of Lane County's premier butterfly sites. This butterfly hot-spot has high butterfly diversity, stunning wildflower displays, fascinating history, and outstanding scenic views. Veteran naturalist Bruce Newhouse will lead the way and share his great knowledge of both plants and butterflies. Meet at the Campbell Senior Center (155 High St., Eugene) at 9:00 am. Limited to 15 people. To register call Ellie at 684-8973. or email her at woodnymph3000@gmail.com.

The following species were observed, as compiled by Bruce Newhouse: BUTTERFLIES (19 identified species) Clodius Parnassian, Anise Swallowtail, Pale Swallowtail, Sara Orangetip, Lilac-bordered Copper, Gray Hairstreak, Pacific Dotted Blue (D. Gudehus photo), Northern Blue, Acmon Blue, Great Spangled Fritillary (very brief look from a distance; fly-by on top of Bohemia Mtn.), Hoffman's Checkerspot, Mylitta Crescent, Chalcedon (Variable) Checkerspot, Edith's Checkerspot (D. Gudehus photo), Comma, unidentifiedfly-by (Lund Park), California Tortoiseshell, California Sister (Lund Park), Lorquin's Admiral (E. Ryan), Persius Duskywing (top of Bohemia; very likely this species, unlikely any other); MOTHS (2 identified species) Elegant Day Moth (aka Sheep Moth), Shadowy Arches (D. Gudehus photo & ID) (this species apparently uses huckleberry and bearberry as a larval host plant)

Sunday, July 15
Metolius River at Wizard Hatchery

Paul Severns, life-long student of butterflies, and discoverer of our Great Coppers in the Wetlands, has agreed to leave his doctoral research for a day, to guide us along the sensationally beautiful Metolius. We anticipate many butterflies of eastern Oregon including Callippe, Coronis, and Mormon Fritillaries and other treasures. Due to the distance, this trip will meet at 8:00 am at the Campbell Senior Center parking lot (155High St., Eugene). Space is limited to 15 people. To pre-register call Ellie at 684-8973, or email her at woodnymph3000@gmail.com.

Due to dry weather and temperatures on previous days of more than 100 degrees, there were fewer flowers, and we saw fewer fritillaries than Paul had hoped to show us. Usually we see Fritillaries nectaring. However the influence of the Metolius River allowed plenty of shrubs and flowers close to the river. But we specialized in Hairstreaks on this trip. This included both Behr's and Thicket Hairstreak. The latter especially is rare to see as its host plant is mistletoe and it usually stays high up in Pine forest. The following species were observed, as compiled by Lois Hagen: (23 species) Persius Duskywing Cabbage White, Mourning Cloak, Lorquin's Admiral, Gray Hairstreak, California Tortoiseshell, Acmon Blue, Juba Skipper, Great Basin Wood-Nymph, Pale Swallowtail, Cedar (Nelson's) Hairstreak, Zerene Fritillary, Two-Tailed Swallowtail (Paul's sighting), Mylitta Crescent, Green Comma, Common Wood-Nymph, Dun Skipper, Behr's Hairstreak!, Thicket Hairstreak*, Woodland Skipper, Purplish Copper, Common Branded Skipper, Pine White

Saturday, July 21
Fourth of July Butterfly Count: Browder Ridge

Our 6th annual count in the meadows of the Central Cascades will again be organized by Eric Wold, our NABA-ES co-founder and West Eugene Wetlands Supervisor. With a bit of sun, we expect to see hundreds of individual butterflies, and nearly 40 species of butterflies. Trails range from easy to moderately difficult depending on your choice of team. Meet at the Campbell Senior Center parking lot (155 High Street, Eugene) at 8:00 am. Pre-registration is required. There is a $3 fee to participate which supports NABA's national advocacy for butterflies. To pre-register call Ellie at 684-8973 or email her at woodnymph3000@gmail.com.

Important Note to Field Trip Participants

Field trips may take place in rough or slippery terrain, so proper dress and footwear are essential. NABA field trips may be strenuous or hazardous. Participation is at your own risk. Be prepared to sign a release form indicating this. You can view a sample copy of the release form (PDF format*). All NABA field trips are open to the public, and newcomers and visitors are always welcome. If registering by email, please include your name and phone number in the email message.

All field trip leaders are expected to follow the NABA-ES field trip guidelines.

Past Field Trips
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