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Butterflies of Lane County, Oregon

The list below includes all of the butterfly species documented in Lane County, Oregon according to the Atlas of Oregon Butterflies and other more recent publications. Clicking on the latin name will take you to the listing for that species at the Butterflies and Moths of North America website, which includes photos and natural history information. Note: some of the names used on the Butterflies and Moths of North America website are different those used by NABA. For cross-referencing, see our translations page.

# Common Name Genus Species
Swallowtails and Parnassians
1 Clodius parnassian Parnassius clodius
2 Anise swallowtail Papilio zelicaon
3 Western tiger swallowtail Papilio rutulus
4 Two-tailed swallowtail Papilio multicaudata
5 Pale swallowtail Papilio eurymedon
Whites and sulphurs
6 Pine white Neophasia menapia
7 Western white Pontia occidentalis
8 Margined white Pieris marginalis
9 Cabbage white Pieris rapae
10 Sara's orangetip Anthocharis sara
11 Clouded sulphurColiasphilodice
12 Orange sulphur Colias eurytheme
13 Western sulphur Colias occidentalis
14 Queen Alexandra's sulphur Colias alexandra
Coppers, hairstreaks and blues
15 Tailed copper Lycaena arota
16 Great copper Lycaena xanthoides
17 Edith's copper Lycaena editha
18 Blue copper Lycaena heteronea
19 Purplish copper Lycaena helloides
20 Lilac-bordered copper Lycaena nivalis
21 Mariposa copper Lycaena mariposa
22 Golden hairstreak Habrodais grunus
23 Sylvan hairstreak Satyrium sylvinus
24 Hedgerow hairstreak Satyrium saepium
25 Bramble hairstreak Callophrys perplexa
26 "coastal" Sheridan's hairstreak Callophrys sheridanii
27 Brown elfin Callophrys augustinus
28 Moss's elfin Callophrys mossii
29 Western pine elfin Callophrys eryphon
30 Thicket hairstreak Callophrys spinetorum
31 Johnson's hairstreak Callophrys johnsoni
32 'Nelson's' juniper hairstreak Callophrys gryneus nelsoni
33 Gray hairstreak Strymon melinus
34 Eastern tailed blue Cupido comyntas
35 Western tailed blue Everes amyntula
36 Spring azure Celastrina echo
37 Dotted blue Euphilotes enoptes
38 Arrowhead blue Glaucopsyche piasus
39 Silvery blue Glaucopsyche lygdamus
40 Anna's blue Plebejus anna
41 Greenish blue Plebejus saepolius
42 Boisduval's blue Plebejus icarioides icarioides
43 Fender's blue Plebejus icarioides fenderi
44 Acmon blue Plebejus acmon
45 Lupine blue Plebejus lupini

# Common Name Genus Species
Brush-footed butterflies (fritillaries, crescents, checkerspots, admirals)
46 Great spangled fritillary Speyeria cybele
47 Zerene fritillary aka Oregon Silverspot Speyeria zerene hippolyta
48 Callipe fritillary Speyeria callipe
49 Atlantis fritillary Speyeria atlantis
50 Hydaspe fritillary Speyeria hydaspe
51 Mormon fritillary Speyeria mormonia
52 Pacific aka Western Meadow fritillary Boloria epithore
53 Northern checkerspot Chlosyne palla
54 Hoffman's checkerspot Chlosyne hoffmanni
55 Field crescent Phyciodes pulchella
56 Mylitta crescent Phyciodes mylitta
57 Chalcedon aka Snowberry checkerspot Euphydryas chalcedona colon aka colon colon
58 Edith's checkerspot Euphydryas editha
59 Satyr comma Polygonia satyrus
60 Green comma Polygonia faunus
61 Hoary comma Polygonia gracilis zephyrus
62 Oreas comma Polygonia oreas
63 California tortoiseshell Nymphalis californica
64 Mourning cloak Nymphalis antiopa
65 Milbert's tortoiseshell Nymphalis milberti
66 American lady Vanessa virginiensis
67 Painted lady Vanessa cardui
68 West coast lady Vanessa annabella
69 Red admiral Vanessa atalanta
70 Common buckeye Junonia coenia
71 Lorquin's admiral Limenitis lorquinia
72 California sister Adelpha californica
Satyrs, Arctic and Monarch
73 Common aka Ochre ringlet Coenonympha tullia eunomia
74 Common wood-nymph Cercyonis pegala
75 Great basin wood-nymph Cercyonis sthenele
76 Small wood-nymph Cercyonis oetus
77 Great arctic Oeneis nevadensis
78 Monarch Danaus plexippus
79 Silver-spotted skipper Epargyreus clarus
80 Northern Cloudywing Thorybes pylades
81 Mexican Cloudywing Thorybes mexicana
82 Dreamy duskywing Erynnis icelus
83 Propertius duskywing Erynnis propertius
84 Pacuvius duskywing Erynnis pacuvius
85 Persius duskywing Erynnis persius
86 Two-banded checkered skipper Pyrgus ruralis
87 Common checkered skipper Pyrgus communis
88 Arctic skipper Carterocephalus palaemon
89 Juba skipper Hesperia juba
90 Western branded skipper Hesperia colorado
91 Sonoran skipper Polites sonora
92 Sachem Atalopedes campestris
93 Woodland skipper Oechlodes sylvanoides
94 Dun skipper Euphyes vestris
95 Common roadside skipper Ablyscirtes vialis

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