At Meadow Beauty Nursery, we grow native South Florida plants for your gardening and landscaping needs. We have local flowers, shrubs and trees from one to fifteen gallon size pots. We have larval and nectar plants for our resident butterflies. Whether you live on the coast or on the glades we have plants for your yard.

Hours: Our retail hours are Sat. from 8am-12pm, or by appointment.

Contacts: Call (561)601-9673 or email us.

Directions: take Hypoluxo Rd. west to Jog Rd., go left and take another immediate left onto Ranches Rd. We are at 5782 Ranches Rd., of a mile down on the right. We are the only ones with a green mailbox.

We have a variety of native plants available:
Larval Plants:

  • Passiflora suberosa and P. incarnata for Zebra Heliconian, Gulf Fritillary and the Julia Heliconian
  • Bacopa monnieri and B. caroliniana, both used by the White Peacock
  • Willow for the Viceroy
  • Twinflower for the Common Buckeye
  • Native plumbago for the Cassius Blue
  • Wild lime for the Giant Swallowtail
  • Partridge pea for Sulphurs, esp. Cloudless
  • Cassia ligustrina and C. mexicana for Sulphurs, esp. Orange-barred

    Other Plants: Verbenas, Salvia, Coreopsis, Gaillardia, Blue-eyed grass, Goldenrods, Ironweed, Dune sunflower, Necklace Pod, Mimosa, Bloodberry and Much more

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    Photo of Meadow Beauty used with permission from Rufino Orsorio