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Conservation and Education
Atala HairstreakThe Atala Chapter of NABA has produced and provided links for several resources that will help you learn more about butterflies.

  • Butterfly Gardening Brochure in PDF format.
  • Butterfly ID Sheets in PDF format.
  • Butterflies and Moths of North American (BAMONA)
  • History of the Atala Hairstreak
  • Life Cycle of the Atala Hairstreak

  • Monarch News

  • Monarch Butterfly

  • Monarch_Rearing Instructions

  • what is OE/OE (Ophryocystis elektroscirrha)

  • monarchparasites

  • Oe_fact_sheet

  • Non Native Milkweeds

  • NABA Article on Tropical Milkweed

  • Palm Beach County ERM/Adopt a Natural Area Program

  • http://nickiebodv.blogspot.com/2014/08/floridas-butterfly-net-page-1.html / Southwest Florida Monarch Monitoring Program

    Butterfly and Moth ID

  • BugGuide.net


  • Florida Wildflowers & Butterflies

  • Butterfly ID

    Reporting Butterflies ID

  • Butterflies I've Seen

    South Florida Butterfly Sightings

  • Coming Soon

    Get Acrobat Reader here: Get Adobe Acrobat

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