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Butterflies of Lane County and Oregon
Butterflies of Lane County
This list includes the 92 species of butterflies and skippers docmented in Lane County in the Atlas of Oregon Butterflies (Hinchliff, 1994), with links to identification information.

View/Download the Lane County List (PDF).

Butterfly Basics
General information about butterflies.

Butterflies of Five Oregon Butterfly Hotspots
This chart shows typical species from five of Oregon's most productive butterfly habitats.

Butterfly Name Translations
This page includes a chart of butterfly names
from the "English Names for North American Butterflies," NABA, 2001, and the corresponding common and latin names from the 1994 Atlas of Oregon Butterflies.

Growing Milkwwed and Raising Monarchs
General information about growing milkweed which is used by adult monarchs for nectaring and by the larvae as a host plant.

Silvery blue on camas.
Photo by Bruce Newhouse

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