North American Butterfly Association

Four-spotted Sailor

NABA Memorial Day/Victoria Day Butterfly Counts

The NABA Memorial Day Count (in the United States) will be held May 27-29, 2017 and the Victoria Day Count (in Canada) will be held May 20-22, 2017.

These new counts will give butterfly enthusiasts throughout the continent an opportunity to get out and enjoy butterflies while contributing to our growing knowledge of butterfly distributions, flight times, and abundance.

In contrast to the highly organized NABA 4th of July and 1st of July Butterfly Counts, the Memorial Day and Victoria Day Counts are free-form. All you need to do is to observe butterflies at one or more of your favorite butterflying localities (such as your own backyard) this coming Memorial Day or Victoria Day weekend and note what butterflies you’ve seen. There are no requirements regarding how much time or area you cover. Then go to the NABA web site,, and from there to the "Butterflies I’ve Seen" web pages and enter your report, filling in the location, date, and butterflies seen. More than 1 million locations are already in the system. For your own backyard, you can create a new location using the information at the site, or, perhaps more easily, you can simply use the name of the town or city in which you live -- these names have already been entered into the system.

Because these counts will be taking place during a very different time of year than do the 4th of July and 1st of July counts, we can expect to see different populations of butterflies than those present for the July counts. Because the approach is different, maybe we’ll also see different populations of counters!

We hope that literally thousands of enthusiasts will have a great time in the field and contribute their knowledge, quickly making "Butterflies I’ve Seen" one of the largest biological databases in the world.