NABA-North Jersey Butterfly Club

Next Program

Tuesday, October 3, 7:30 pm, NABA President Jeff Glassberg will present “Trump's Border Wall: Its Effect the National Butterfly Center and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas”. The Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas has the most diverse butterfly and bird fauna of any area of the United States. This biological diversity is jeopardized by the construction of a border wall. In addition, a wall will obliterate the 450 million dollars that ecotourism pours into the economy of what is the most economically disadvantaged area in the United States. For people especially interested in butterflies, conservation and education, a wall poses an existential threat to the National Butterfly Center, which is owned and operated by NABA.

Upcoming Programs

Tuesday, November 14, 7:30 pm, (note it’s the second Tuesday of the month).
This is a favorite time when any of us can show off up to 20 photos we think others might like to see, or shots we’re just proud of! Subjects could include butterflies (of course), butterfly gardening or club field trips, etc. Jim Springer has volunteered to put all the images on his laptop and set it up for the evening’s program. BUT YOU’LL HAVE TO GET THE IMAGES TO HIM BY NOVEMBER 10th. Digital photos can be emailed to Jim at or you can mail a CD to Jim at 11 Lenape Trail, Warren NJ 07059.  

December - No Meeting

First Meeting of 2018 - January 2


Please bring old Butterfly Gardener/American Butterflies magazines to monthly meetings so that we can distribute them from our table at various events.

Please remember to post your butterfly sightings at All sightings are welcome—this is vitally important information that enables us to keep track of the status of our North Jersey butterflies.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the event of inclement weather which might lead to the cancellation of a NABA meeting, members should call Sharon Wander (973-271-0051) or one of the other officers listed below. An email message may be sent if the meeting is cancelled, but THIS MAY NOT ALWAYS BE POSSIBLE. Your best bet is to call if you don't get an email message (or if you don't have email.)

Our monthly meetings usually take place on the first Tuesday of each month (except November when it is the second Tuesday) at 7:30 p.m. at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum's Haggerty Education Center, 353 East Hanover Avenue, Morristown, NJ. (973) 326-7600. Directions are given on this web site.

For all who would like to join us at the pre-meeting dinners: PLEASE NOTE: Frank’s Pizza has closed, but thanks to diligent field research by Alice Koster, we have found a new restaurant to try for our pre-meeting dinners. Pallás Pizza Gourmet Market & Restaurant is located in a strip mall at 99 Ridgedale Avenue in Cedar Knolls, about a mile north of the mall where Frank’s was located. Entrance to this mall is from the two bordering side streets (Prospect Place or Orchard Place), not directly from Ridgedale Avenue. You can check out their menu at All who are interested can meet there at the usual time (5:45pm or so) on November 14, and afterward we can evaluate whether we think this place is a keeper.

Please notify Alice Koster or Deedee Burnside if you change your e-mail address. Also, if you have not done so, please remember to renew your dues! Our chapter appreciates your help!

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Club Officers:
President - Sharon Wander - 973-271-0051
Vice-President - Garry Annibal - 973-407-0218
Treasurer - Deedee Burnside - 201-445-5292
Secretary - Alice Koster - 973-543-1543